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Belize Articles, Research, & Resource Guides

If you’re here to learn about Belize, you’ve found the right place! We’ve written dozens of articles and guides about investing and living in Belize.

Whether you’re interested in learning about the different cities in Belize, residency or investment laws, we’ve got you covered. There isn’t much about Belize that you won’t find here.

Recent Belize Articles

Belize Real Estate

If you’re looking for property in Belize to buy or rent, head over to our Belize Real Estate page.

For expats who aren't looking for your average tropical destination, these places guarantee that the adventure never gets old.
The reasons expats love Belize range from great weather and relaxed pace of living to speaking English. Yet there are negatives to living in Belize as well.
Looking for authentic culture, postcard-worthy coastline, and a cool Caribbean vibe? May we introduce you to Placencia, Belize's better beach.
Considering relocating to the island of Ambergris Caye? If this article doesn't convince you to make the move, then nothing will.
Find out why investors love these six spectacular places to live in Latin America: Ambergris Caye, Roatán, Cuenca, Boca Chica, Nosara, San Miguel de Allende.
Belize is safe for expats and tourists. Petty theft, driving obstacles, health safety concerns, prevention measures for home or hotel, weather safety advice
There has never been a better time to retire to Belize. Not only does your money go farther, but natural beauty, culture, and potential make Belize special.
The idea of moving to Belize has become more popular as people learn of the advantages it offers. Whether you prefer beach, jungle, or city, Belize has it.
Property Taxes in Latin America are widely different in each country. Learning those differences is an important step in planning your tropical getaway.
Get the lowdown on all things Belize real estate from John Acott, long-time Belizean broker and Belize resident.
Are you ever irritable, but don't know why? Maybe you need to find your own fortress of solitude.
Buying an island in Belize is easier than you think! Just follow these steps and make sure to have a team of professionals you can trust.
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