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You’ve found the best spot on the web for Panama real estate! We have tons of great listings for condos, land, and homes for sale in Panama. You can also read on for our free Panama Real Estate Report to learn what your dream property will cost.


Median Prices for Various Types of Panama Real Estate

It’s hard know what your dream piece of Panama real estate will cost you, especially since there’s no MLS to provide reliable information and comps are usually all over the board.

However, thanks to months worth of research, we can now give you a general idea of what you might expect to pay for real estate in Panama, based on the type of property you’re seeking.

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You’ll note that this chart, as well as the ones that follow, show “median” prices, which is different from the “average” price.

To explain it simply, median means the one in the middle. So, when you see a median price of $385,000 for single family homes in Panama, that means that half the homes on the market are listed below that price. The other half are priced higher.

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You’ve Only Scratched the Surface

If you found the information in these charts handy, then you will likely be astounded by the information contained in our complete Panama Real Estate Report, from which these graphs were taken.

This report is the product of our survey of over $10 billion dollars worth of properties for sale in Panama.

That’s more than 9,700 property listings in Panama.

The data’s been analyzed, verified, and compiled into a very understandable format with over 100 charts and graphs like the ones you’ve seen above, with chapters drilling down even further to focus on individual cities.

It’s information on the Panama real estate market that you won’t find anywhere else. And it’s free for a limited time.

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