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If you are going to uproot and move or buy a second home, why would you want the same old experience?

McMansions, gated communities, strip malls, and trees growing like ornaments on sidewalks, are all part of regular suburban life.

But living in robust natural places has become rare.

There are many choices out there for people pursuing a traditional style of living, but some want more out of life.

People who are looking for places that add new dimensions and experience to their life are the ones we want to speak with.

There is a different way to live, and it promises to make happier, more self-reliant community members. A big part of being fulfilled and happy is in the choices you make. One of those decisions is where you spend your time.

We hope you find the same satisfaction as all of our community members. Adventure Colony provides unique experiences every day from adventure to exploration to just relaxing in an incredible place.

Who is this book for?

It is for anyone who wants to get excited about living!

Adventure Colony is for people who want to live a rare lifestyle while making a sound investment.

We are introducing a way to live that encourages adventure, simplicity, and relaxation all in one place. Come and go as you please, live full time, pass on this unique opportunity to your family for generations to come. Whatever you choose we guarantee you will create memories and experiences that will last forever.

The truth is that we write articles for everyone to help them with their search on Viva Tropical, but what we are really passionate about is creating communities of like-minded people.

It is a very rewarding experience to build community together.


"If you want to experience an innovative approach to investing and living, Park and Josh are the people to talk to"

Patrick Vlaskovits
New York Times Best Selling Author
The Lean Entrepreneur / Founder


"We had a good feeling about Park and Josh before we set foot in Panama, but after spending about 48 hours with them on the Island, we felt that we had made lifetime friends. Their hearts are in the right place, their philosophy resonates with ours, and the Island was amazing! Thanks for a trip to remember!"

Phil Williams
NFL Agent & founder of 28 Sports Group

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