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About Park Wilson


I am blessed beyond belief.

Blessed to live today at this point in human history. Blessed to live in the Latin Tropics with my amazing wife and 4 kids. Blessed with a lifestyle that most would kill for. Blessed to run businesses that I love so much I have a hard time not working on them.

A little about me.

I’m a regular guy who was living in the US who got fed up with its market opportunities. With its ridiculous regulations on business, investment, and my life in general.

So I pulled the rip cord and moved my family to Costa Rica. Just like that. After having only spent 3 weeks in the country before the move. I sold my assets, dropped our stuff in storage, and pulled the plug.

Why? Freedom. Opportunity.

Ever had one of those moments in life when you just knew there was something better out there? A better quality of life. Better business opportunities. Just something better.

The thing that normally holds you and me back and prevents us from taking that leap is fear. Sure I had it. I still have it.

The thing that helped me overcome it was a deep realization that life is short and nothing is permanent. I don’t know what will help you take that leap you know you should take, but maybe my story will help.

Because when I took that step doors opened and dots got connected that I couldn’t replicate if my life depended on it.

That’s where the blessed part comes in.

Sure, I had some business experience. By the time I was 30 I had completed over 200 real estate transactions. I had bought, built and developed over $10 million in condos, houses, and land. Somehow I had been entrusted with millions of dollars of investment capital.

I had some wins and also had my share of losses. Really more like my share of having my teeth kicked in.

But that’s not what has really made the difference in my Latin businesses.

The difference there has been been a commitment to freedom.

Not freedom as the ultimate ideal or anything like that. I happen to think there are better ideals. But freedom is a pretty dang good one.

Freedom to raise my family with the values that are important to us. Freedom to build a business on my terms. With customers that I love to hang out with. Freedom from the suffocating rat race.

Because when you commit to freedom, you’re really committing to doing life in a way that you can be passionate about.

The result surprises me every day.

From my home office I’m able to run a couple of multi million dollar companies with 15-30 employees (depending on project phase). Not just from my home office. From my laptop. Usually without a shirt.


Did I mention that that “Home office” is located in one the world’s top places to retire? I’ll let you guess where that is. Hint, a little farther south than Costa Rica.


There are lots of days where Josh and I hop in the truck, head out to a boat, hop over to a new, unpopulated island, get on horses, and assess its investment potential. And we call that work. I spent a month doing just that last year on Ecuador’s Pacific coast. A region that is about as close to virgin and untouched as it gets.


And then when we buy that property the real fun begins.

Meetings with law firms designing strategies to protect our customers, investors, and ourselves.

Collaborating with architects on the best way to design a community for a customer who shares our same values. Freedom. Security. Privacy.

Then executing a plan that maximizes investment return while conserving the natural beauty pristine property.


The thing is that you’re blessed too.

You have the same opportunity to pursue your dream as me.

But you’re probably going to have to change some of your beliefs.

The belief that you have to commit to the rat race to succeed. The belief that if you just gut it out for a little while longer, then you’ll succeed. The belief that it’s scary outside of your own country. The belief that it’s bad to fail.

Because the funny thing is, once you change those beliefs and put a little time between you and them, you’ll realize that it was those beliefs that are truly scary.

I hope you’ll commit to freedom. And if we can help you with a little part of that, then we will have succeeded.


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