Okay, up till now, we’ve done all the talking. Frankly, we’re in love with Boca Chica Island and the freedom it gives you to create and explore possibilities. But admittedly, we’re biased. So, for the moment, forget about what we think.

Hear what others have to say about Boca Chica Island:

Land Buyer

“As with any acquisition, it can sometimes feel like a daunting process, but Emerging Terrains was are very helpful, informative, and obliging throughout the whole endeavor. Their enthusiasm combined with their welcoming nature makes the whole process feel more like an enjoyable vacation rather than just an investment purchase. It was clear they had spent the necessary time performing all the due diligence that comes with buying abroad and were able to package the information in a clear, understandable, and helpful manner.”

Daniel S, USA

Land Buyer

“Playa Burica is an amazing place. Truly a piece of PARADISE. Park and Josh are great to work with, I wish ! can pass more time on each trip!! SURF is great, WORLD CLASS FISHING. BE BACK SOON. ”

Yannick L, Aruba

Land Buyer

“It has been a pleasure working with Josh & Park of Emerging Terrains, on my land purchase. They have been extremely helpful & supportive. They have been totally trustworthy, I trust them more than my lawyer in Panama.”

Shawn M, Canada

Land Buyer

“Doing business with Park & Josh was straightforward and painless. They were up front and delivered on everything they promised.”

Jesse M, USA

Panama Realtor

“Emerging Terrains’ projects have been in my top 5 most popular listings for a long time now. If anybody knows how to buy and sell land in Panama, it’s them.”
Panama Realtor

Mendoza, Arias, Valle, & Castillo

…as a corporate attorney, we have seen that Emerging Terrains is succeeding in their real estate investments….(and their) relationship with our law firm has been strictly professional and satisfactory.

Panama Chamber of Commerce

I have worked with Emerging Terrains as they have bought and sold real estate in Panamá. Even when the market has been difficult, they have been able to consistently sell their properties because the special taste they have to find real jewels. When they are buying, they have an unusually high attention to detail in their due diligence, and when they are selling, they are very focussed on helping their clients, almost giving them a manual to use the property.

Luis Watts, Attorney & Vice President, Chiriqui Chamber of Commerce.


Anybody can buy real estate. Anybody can buy land in countries like Panama. But what makes Josh and Park stand out is they can actually sell it, making investors money when traditional sales channels flounder because they can’t deal with the changing market

Brian C, California

Land Buyer

As someone who is very busy running my own business, Emerging Terrains made it possible for me to buy my personal escape. They made purchasing land in Panama easy and enjoyable! I found them to be very professional, informative and great company. And, to top it off they were one of the only companies I’ve ever seen in Latin America who kept to the schedule. I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with them again.

Dawn L, London


You guys made me money in your last project. Please, please, please let me be part of your next deal.”

Jamey B, California

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