If you love to travel to places only a handful of people have been…

And your own private hideaway, something you’ve always longed for, just 10 minutes from the hectic shores…

And your idea of fun is hauling in a 160-pound tuna or hiking through an ancient jungle…

Then you are going to love Boca Chica Island.


Bordering the sparkling waters of Panama’s Chiriqui Gulf National Marine Park, the island is secluded from the commotion and clutter of a modern world. It’s a haven specifically designed for seasoned travelers who want to cut loose from society’s endless roar.

The island is green and lush and vast. Populated with an abundance of Royal Palms and the majestic Espavé tree with its mighty trunk standing strong and powerful like a pillar, its branches spreading out like a canopy.

Beneath the water’s surface lives an ancient world. Coral reefs and marine meadows beget a tapestry of blue marlin, white tip sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins and humpback whales. You find their flashing, luminescent colors to be nearly unimaginable and completely indescribable.

And the things you could do on the island are endless.


There Is So Much for You to Do and Discover

Take your panga and go fishing at your favorite fishing hole. Grab your paddle board and head out for the sunrise. Or strap on your camera and head into the jungle for your morning hike.

You’ll see giant trees with roots as tall and thick as a full grown man. Look up and over a hundred feet from the jungle floor are dense canopies of leaves and wildlife.

You’ll run into Toucans, orange-chinned parakeets or curious capuchin monkeys around each corner of the path that winds from one side of the island to the other.

You’ll pause to take a seat on a moss-covered rock and drink from a fresh water spring while you listen to the dart frogs or snap photos of an iguana clambering up the spikes of a chote tree.

All around you are sights you have never seen before. And a feeling that this was how it was meant to be.

And it’s all there for you to enjoy right now. If you are decisive enough to seize the opportunity.


Prices on This Island Will Go Up

One thing our projects have taught us is this: prices will go up. We scour Latin America for the best value on properties and almost always find them off the beaten path…meaning in undeveloped areas.

These are absolutely stunning places without infrastructure like roads or water—but now that the infrastructure is we can sell to you at such a great price.

But they won’t remain awesome deals for long.

Eventually these places start to attract more and more people. This naturally brings in infrastructure and development.

For example, Boca Chica has grown from a quaint fishing village to now having over 9 fishing lodges since we first arrived. And the number of boats has tripled.

But once you see this place you’ll realize it hasn’t grown so much that it isn’t a charming island retreat anymore.

In fact, when you’re in Boca Chica, you’ll realize that the timing couldn’t be better.

Furthermore, the Island is in a high-end area. The villas and lodges that are built here are exclusive and drop-dead gorgeous.

That doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose to enjoy Boca Chica Island. In fact, you can be part of the fishing and yachting culture around this area without actually having to pay for it.

We have a Canadian who has built his dream home…and an American who is his building dream…all for a tiny fraction of what it costs now…or will cost in a year or two.

So, if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to do that someday,” even if it’s just to spend a few weeks or months a year…then this is your chance.

Reserve your lot now. Prices won’t stay low for long.

Something I Need to Tell You

Just like our process to selecting land is slow and meticulous, so is our process of selecting buyers.

Why the hyper-selectivity?

This island is a rare haven…a jungle untouched by deforestation…and cool as all get out. And we want to keep it that way.

See, this island is for people who love adventure. Who relish relaxing in paradise FAR from city life. And who want to breathe the purest air in the world—and never let it get spoiled.

So we take our time getting to know each and every single one of our potential buyers. You see…when you reserve a Boca Chica Island retreat we will spend a considerable amount of time getting to know you.

We’ll trade emails…talk on the phone…and even spend two days with you on your very own expedition tour of Boca Chica Island.

Maybe you want to find out more about Park and I, our other projects or what it’s like living, working and investing in Central America.

We can talk about anything you want. This is simply part of our process of getting to know potential investors to see if there is a chance we could work together.

But one thing is for certain…once you see and set foot on Boca Chica Island we are confident you’ll understand why we would want to protect it by being particular about whom we work with.

So, if you fancy retiring in Latin America…plunging into the Pacific Ocean with a snorkel and a mask…trekking through an ancient rainforest…sipping coffee on your teak wood veranda at the break of dawn…or just making an investment that is smart…just reserve your lot before the prices go up…

Because living and playing out here is like having your very own haven right at your fingertips. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Here’s How to Reserve Your Boca Chica Parcel While Prices are Still Low

Listen…you can make your vacation or retirement dreams a reality for a fraction of what it will cost a year from now. So book your Panama expedition now and come on down and check out Boca Chica Island yourself.

We’d like to show you how exciting and relaxing it can be out here.

And the truth of the matter is: a lifestyle on the Island isn’t just for the super rich—if you take advantage of the opportunity right now.

We hope you’ll join us. Learn more about purchasing your own sanctuary on the Island while it’s still fresh in your mind.