About The Developers

We’re Park Wilson and Josh Linnes, and we’re not your typical developers.

Development has often been about efficiency. Buy a plot of land, decide what you could build on it that would bring you the most money per square inch, and build as quickly and cheaply as possible. Rinse. Repeat.

We’re not much for that sort of development.

We get a little depressed when we see communities of six hundred identical properties lined up in neat little rows. It’s probably very efficient. It’s certainly precise. It might even be cost-effective.

But man, is it boring.

Hi, I’m Park.

We suspect we’re not the only ones who shuddered at the idea of a neat little life where you live on a neat little street with neat little houses all exactly the same, coming home from a job where you worked in a neat little cubicle.
That’s not just us, right?

Of course it’s not. It’s you, too.

You’re looking for an investment that won’t fit into a neat little square box.

You’re looking for something bigger, more organic, more unique. Something that fits you, something that matches the life you want to live.

It’s not an easy decision to make. But we made it.

We left corporate life to live among the crashing waves and the hills covered in palm trees. We designed a life that felt right to us, that felt like we could do it forever.

You can’t work in a cubicle every day without feeling dead inside. But you could live every day the way we do and never want for anything else.

Knowing that this life is worth living is why we developed Boca Chica Island.

It was an investment in the knowledge that this kind of life brings people back to themselves. That after a month of owning your own private parcel on your own private paradise, you’ll be amazed you ever chained yourself to a desk job.

We created Boca Chica Island for people who want to be masters of their own living.

People who love being surrounded by wildness, beauty, and life. People who like seeing something new when they look out their window every day. People who know that off-the-grid living is the best way to protect the independence and uniqueness of the life they created.

People, in fact, like us.

We’re not your typical developers. And the island we’ve developed isn’t for your typical investor.

But it might just be for you.

And I’m Josh.

Why You Should Trust Us

We’ve been investing in real estate in the Latin tropics for the last 20 years, and we’ve made quite a name for ourselves here – but that isn’t why you should trust us with an unusual project like this one.

You should trust us because we’ve already done it – successfully – with a place called Playa Burica.

Playa Burica was another community we cultivated in a “get away from it all” location. We bought that land just before it became easier than ever to access the outside world by road, which made it convenient for our investors to come and go from their beautiful paradise.

Boca Chica Island is exactly the same – and at this phase in the process, there are only five parcels left.

We’ll probably keep developing amazing and unique opportunities for investment. But we have to tell you: we’ve never seen an island like this one. And we doubt we will again.

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