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Leave City Life Behind

Your Panama property in Playa Burica is a true escape from the bump and grind of city life.

Leave behind the traffic, the smog, and the crowds of the city. Replace the grumble of engines and blaring car horns, of people talking, cell phones ringing, and shoes clicking against the pavement.

Make it all vanish, and enter a world where the land and sea are sprawled out for you to explore.

Uniquely nestled on the border between Panama and Costa Rica, Playa Burica is surrounded by water on three sides and sports the jungle as its backyard.

It’s a recipe for adventure with the ingredients of genuine paradise.

Enjoy peace of spirit and mind with hushed breezes, waves lapping on the shore, and the sound of wild bird calls from the trees. You don’t have to shave, dress up, answer your mobile phone or attend business meetings.

Disconnect. Break away. Experience freedom.

Mix and Mingle or Be Single

With a friendly but respectful community consisting of full-time residents and occasional vacationers, Playa Burica provides an unusual yet highly desirable mixture of isolation and community.

If you want to go it alone, you can. But if you want to connect with other people like yourself who enjoy respite at Playa Burica, you can do that too.

Residents and property owners in Playa Burica are warm and helpful, and they know when to respect each other’s privacy, too. It’s easy to get to know your neighbors but just as easy to relax in complete solitude.

The community benefit is great. When everyone knows everyone, you feel safer and connected. Even though you are isolated from the masses, there are just enough people out here to make the area comfortable.

The best part is that these people have made a similar investment and appreciate the adventure, so they’re a lot like you.

Come to the Jungle

Want to join the community or bask in solitude with your own Panama property? It’s easy. Just take a look at the steps to buy. You could be exploring the pleasures of paradise in no time.

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Fishing in Burica With the Locals

Video of local fishermen in front of the Playa Burica Development in Panama. Watch video

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Lobster in Burica

Fresh fish & lobster available every day, caught right in front of your cabana. Watch video