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It’s too late to be one of the very first purchasers at Playa Burica, but it’s just the right time to get a smoking deal.

Playa Burica originally consisted of 30 lots that were released in 3 phases. After phases 1 & 2 sold out, we began preparing & releasing the phase 3 lots. They sold almost as quickly as we could release them. There were some (2) lots that we recently prepared for sale and after those are gone, we have none left.

Today, you have the opportunity to purchase Lot 17, 20, or the home on lot 14.


LOT 20

Size: 3/4 acre
or $363/mo

Full Lot 20 Info

Lot 20 is 1 full acre and has its own trail the beach.

Reserve Lot 20 Now

Lot 14 Home

Size:1,000sq.ft on 1/3 acre

Full Lot 14 Home Info

Lot 14 includes a home, 36 meters of ocean frontage, block sea wall, and furnishings.

Reserve the Home Now


LOT 10

Size:1/2 acre

Lot 11

Size:1/2 acre

Lot 12

Size:1/2 acre

Lot 13

Size:1/2 acre

Lot 14

Size:1/2 acre

Lot 24

Size:1/2 acre

Lot 25

Size:1/2 acre

Lot 26

Size:1/2 acre

Lot 27

Size:1/2 acre

Lot 28

Size:1/2 acre

LOT 22

Size:1/2 acre

LOT 16 - Includes Cabana

Size:1/2 acre