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“It’s not often that you get uncrowded waves.”

-Corey W. “The Chef”

“My kids love it out there.  And So do i.  It’s like our own nature preserve.”

-Park W.

“I thought I would be roughing it.  When I arrived I was handed a freshly chopped coconut.  I slept like a baby in the cabana.”

-Sally C.

“My time in Burica centered around the open living space of a perfectly designed cabana, built by locals, with local material. From there, I experienced the untouched beauty of the rain forest, oceanfront living, and fresh fruit from the nearby trees. It was the perfect combination of remote and convenient.”

-Randy W.

“I love that there’s always somebody here working on the property, so it gets more beautiful every time i come back. This time there were 1,000 new palm trees!”