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Burica Beachfront Lot for $10K down + Financing

We have 3 lots left for (roughly) $50K per lot. Comparable value for these lots is easily into the six figures. [See how we calculated that]

And the original investors are providing financing.

The basics run like this: for $10K down plus $480 a month you get a gasp-worthy lot like this:

Playa Burica Panama Lot 14

By the way, that’s the actual Playa Burica coastline…not some stock photo!

Want to know the interest rate and all the other details? We have that on the page for each lot.


But frankly, we’re pretty flexible on the terms of the financing. If you’re interested in discussing it, just call us at 888-436-7198.

Ideally, you’ll want to come down, see the land for yourself, and experience the pristine, unspoiled beauty of the property and area. So we’ll be happy to let you stay with us for free.

And if you need time to plan, we’ll even let you reserve your lot for 60 days for only $1,000 . Better yet, we’ll apply that $1,000 towards your downpayment if you decide to buy – or refund it if you decide the property isn’t a good fit for you.

It’s not just an unspoiled piece of paradise – it’s also a sound investment!

As land prices soar higher with completion of the new road, new development, and growing popularity it’s possible to gain incredible rates of return.

Frankly, Panama is the new Costa Rica. It’s gaining in popularity and as more and more ocean front property is discovered, finding “unimproved” land like this will get harder and harder – and ever more expensive.

When we first discovered Burica, we had to drive a Land Rover over 5 miles of beach. Seriously.

Now there are dirt roads leading up to the property. Luckily for you, we own all of the surrounding property and have kept it isolated and perfect as is, with low impact cabanas.

It’s not what everyone is looking for, but it is EXACTLY what most of our clients love. Frankly, they’ll always be a premium placed on the wild places of the earth, just because those are the very places most high-achievers long for as escapes.

And now you can get yours for as little as $10K down and $400 per month.

Better pick out yours before the last remaining 10 lots get reserved and sold.