Fiber Cement

Can You Guess What ALL of These Walls Have In Common?

They are all built with fiber cement.

Fiber Cement is another great option to cover the exterior walls of your Jungle Loft.

It doesn’t rust or mold and bugs won’t eat it.  You can also add insulation into the wall and enjoy high energy efficiency.

This all boils down to lower maintenance headache and cost savings so you.

Rest easy knowing your jungle loft will stand strong in the island’s tropical environment.

So Your Jungle Loft Will Be Uniquely Your Own

We hope that all of those photos show above that you can give your Jungle Loft a very different look and feel by changing colors, textures, and patterns of your fiber cement.

Of course you aren’t only limited to glass, wood, and fiber cement.  There are also architectural panels, stone, and anything else you want to use!