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Burica, Panama: Time Is Running Out for This Secret Investment Opportunity

burica panama

Burica Panama Coastline

Burica, Panama, is one of the country’s best kept real estate secrets.  But you needn’t take our word for it.  One visit to this remote paradise is enough to make any traveler or would-be expat feel like a pioneering explorer.

It’s as pristinely beautiful as it is mysterious and secluded.  And both nature and adventure abound in Burica.

However, before you categorize it as a place meant only for those who want to live out their childhood Swiss Family Robinson dreams, there’s a lot more to this place than just its raw, undisturbed natural beauty.

Despite its remote feel, Burica is surprisingly close to civilization.  And not just any old town either.  It’s less than a 2 hour drive from David, Panama’s second largest metropolis.

And the wheels are currently turning on several large-scale infrastructure and private development projects that have Burica, Panama, primed for a tremendous boom and accompanying increase in property value.

However, for now, it’s still relatively off the radar of most buyers.  That’s why we think Burica is one of Panama’s last remaining secret investment opportunities.

But, for those hoping to score a killer bargain on a property in a place with exploding investment potential, we recommend you act fast.  The best deals could soon be gone.

Here are a few of the things that make real estate in Burica, Panama, such a great investment.

Accessing Burica, Panama is an adventure in itself.

Nothing says “remote destination” like having to go off-road to get there.  Burica is located on Panama’s Pacific coast on a peninsula the country shares with Costa Rica. And up until about three years ago, there wasn’t even a road to get you to the end of the Burica peninsula.  The landscape is made up of dense jungles that just don’t lend themselves well to vehicle travel.

burica panama

Viva Tropical

In fact, the end of the peninsula was once only accessible during low tide, when residents were able to drive directly on the beach.  Otherwise, it was a no go.  So, here you had this stunning tropical paradise that virtually no one in the world even knew about or could get to.  Talk about exclusive!

Well a few years ago, the government finally put in a road that created access to the entire peninsula.  It’s still a rough ride, but the views at the end are totally worth it for those who don’t mind being bounced around in a jeep for the last few miles.

The Burica landscape is otherworldly.

What awaits you at the end of the road to the Burica peninsula is a lush tropical paradise situated on a volcanic reef that juts out over 200 meters in some places. This makes for some amazing waves that serve as an impressive view and calming background noise as you relax in your hammock beneath the coconut palms.

During low tide, the underwater reef is exposed, creating a completely different silhouette that literally makes the shore look like a completely different place.  It also makes for an amazing moonscape.

Burica Panama

Viva Tropical

There’s also no shortage of wildlife, as Burica is home to a number of exotic species. Among the most prevalent are monkeys.  Howler monkeys and capuchins, with their white faces, are all over the place.  You can also see the endangered red-backed squirrel monkeys, which are unique to the region and can’t be seen anywhere else.

Burica is an ocean lover’s paradise.

Whatever your choice of aquatic thrill, you can find it in Burica, Panama.  If enjoying the coastal breeze while you watch the waves roll in is as adventurous as you get, then you can while your days away in solitude on the beaches of Burica.  If that’s merely where your adventure begins, then Burica makes the perfect jumping off point for a long list of aquatic activities.

For starters, it’s full of incredible surf spots that are mostly only known by the locals, who guard these secrets with their life.  The great surfing conditions are made possible by the peninsula’s exposure to southern swells, combined with the reef, which drops to depths as low as 300 feet and makes for some amazing waves.

Burica is also home to world-class deep sea fishing.  Nearby Islas Ladrones and Isla Montuosa formed the backdrop for many a world record tuna, black marlin, wahoo, and dorado.  So far, Burica has one great fishing lodge called Hooked on Panama.  And many more are sure to follow as the area develops.

Burica Panama

Viva Tropical

Burica, Panama, is home to the first-ever Adventure Colony.

After reading the above, you can probably imagine why we saw such potential in the Burica area when choosing the location for our first Adventure Colony, Playa Burica. Not only did it have the atmosphere and great natural resources that we value, but we also realized what a great investment opportunity it was due to several proposed improvements (like the road we mentioned, which was only a rumor when we first discovered the area).

Our Adventure Colonies are developments for people like us who value wild and beautiful places and want to live in harmony with their natural environment, while also taking advantage of all of the opportunities it offers for adventure.  However, even we couldn’t have imagined the success Playa Burica would have.

We’ve sold lots to retired doctors from the midwest U.S., young entrepreneurs from Poland and the U.K., restaurant owners from the Caribbean, and many more individuals who now make up a diverse population that shares our vision and is committed to our dream of maintaining the pristine natural beauty of Burica, Panama.

Burica Panama

Viva Tropical

There’s never been a better time to invest in Burica, Panama, real estate.

Over our years of experience in the Central American real estate market, we’ve identified the various stages every area goes through on its way to becoming an established expat community.  We’ve also pinpointed the exact step in that process where maximum return on investment is achieved.

In Burica, Panama, it’s about to happen.

Burica is currently in market stage 2 of our development model.  Pretty much the only people who’ve been buying land there are pioneers like us who’ve been able to purchase large tracts of land at rock bottom prices based solely on its agricultural use to the locals who owned it.

It required a lot of work and due diligence, but the end result is that we’re now able to offer the land in manageable plots to end users who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to enter such a market on their own.

Well, when large land investors and pioneering developers start buying up land in an area, people start to talk.  Interest is generated in the area and even more investors start to show up and begin developing the area.

That’s already happening around Playa Burica.  Our scouts tell us that two large pieces of property have been purchased at prices that quite honestly shocked us.  This is good news for Playa Burica owners and buyers.

Not only are their property values automatically going to increase, but those nearby developments will have to include more and better amenities in order to be financially feasible in this market.  So, Playa Burica owners will also benefit from the businesses and services being offered in the surrounding areas.

That’s why it’s important to act fast if you’re considering investing in the Burica, Panama area.  It’s too late to be the first on the scene.  But it isn’t too late to profit from the improvements that are coming.

Burica Panama

Thomas Richman

Two ongoing projects that will have a major impact on Playa Burica

We’ve already seen the effects that the new road has had on property values in Burica. It’s part of the reason we saw such great potential in the area.  Well, it doesn’t stop there.  Panama’s government is currently in the process of completing two huge infrastructure projects that will have an even bigger impact on the area.

New Access Via Air

The first is the airport in nearby David.  The city’s Enrique Malek International Airport is undergoing a massive expansion and renovation, which will ultimately open its runways to flights from the U.S. and many other nations for the first time ever.  That means that people from all over the world will soon have access to Playa Burica via a world-class airport that’s a mere two hour drive away. For now, that is.

Improved Ground Transportation

Why’s that?  You guessed it.  Construction has just begun on a new 4-lane road from Paso Canoas (at the Costa Rican border) to Puerto Armuelles, the last stop before you begin the trek across the Burica Peninsula.  Not only is that good news in terms of access, it’s also a good indication that the government plans to continue to invest in Puerto Armuelles.

And, while the city itself isn’t the type of place that caters to people who enjoy the Adventure Colony lifestyle, it’s the closest place for those in Burica to stock up on supplies.  So any growth in Puerto Armuelles is a tremendous benefit to Playa Burica owners and residents.

Bonus offer for Viva Tropical readers!

We realize that, as much as we love Playa Burica, it isn’t for everyone.  Namely those who need to be within walking distance to shopping malls and movie theaters.  But if you love the idea of getting back to nature on your own private piece of tropical paradise, just a short drive from those other conveniences, then Playa Burica could be right for you.

If so, you should check out our free Adventure Colony book, which explains a little bit more about the concept and what it means to live the Adventure Colony lifestyle, something that’s only available in places like Burica, Panama.  The book also contains over $20,000 in exclusive real estate discounts, so download it today!

Map of Burica

Burica Fast Facts

  • Population: About 1,360 (Numbers are hard to nail down, but this is a good guestimate)
  • Typical temperature: Low 90s
  • Nearest airport with U.S. flights: Tocumen Airport. Domestic flights to Panama City, Panama and international flights to Costa Rica depart from Enrique Malek International Airport in David
  • Nearest U.S. consulate: Panama City

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