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Salinas, Ecuador: Not for Everyone

Salinas Ecuador

Johny Chunga

There are many things you could say about Salinas, Ecuador.  And comments from first-time visitors often fall all over the spectrum, from fabulous to formidable.  And everything in between.

Indeed, to say this resort town is polarizing would be a gross understatement.  It’s a place of stark contrasts, from its reception by travelers to its weather to its varying influx of tourists as the seasons change.

We’ll give you the lowdown about what there is to love and hate about this South American beach community, but first here are the facts about Salinas, Ecuador Real Estate.

Bonus: Learn how Salinas compares to other places in the tropics in our 50 page report. Click here to get access to the free report.


Salinas is located 90 miles from Guayaquil, a bustling port city and Ecuador’s largest.  The beach is divided in half by a jetty, which houses the Salinas Yacht Club.  To the north is Salinas Beach, and south of the jetty lies Chipipe Beach which has a little bit more of a family atmosphere.

It’s visited mostly by Ecuadorian families who come down for the weekend.  However it also draws some of Ecuador’s elite, particularly those who come to the yacht club.  It’s also popular among newlyweds and could be equated to a Hawaiian honeymoon for an American couple.

The Good

First things first.  There are some really great things about Salinas, Ecuador.  Best of all would have to be the price tag.  Salinas offers some decent amenities at a lower cost than you’ll find almost anywhere.

You can get a hotel room for $30 per night, a steak dinner for $6, and as much fish or shrimp as you can eat–prepared any way you want it–for $3 at the market.  Even property prices are reasonable, as a 3-bedroom/3-bath condo (with a maid’s quarters) in one of the impressive high-rise buildings will only set you back about $130,000.

Note, you’ll probably only want to use that condo during November through January when the weather is gorgeous.  Not so much the rest of the year.  But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves…

The good news is that you shouldn’t have any trouble renting your place out to some Ecuadorians who live in the surrounding areas.  Many like to visit Salinas in June to September, when their kids are out of school.

Rounding out the “good” list, Salinas also offers a lot of water sports and activities.  At least during the peak season, which is generally December through April.  You can charter a boat for game fishing or whale watching.  Adventure companies offer skydiving and parasailing.  You can also try surfing or wakeboarding.

The Bad

As we mentioned, the weather in Salinas, Ecuador is really, really nice during the high season.  As a result, tourists flock to it in droves.  It looks like Miami in that sunbathers literally line every square inch of the beach.  Well, except the part just off the promenade that’s littered with millions of painful, sharp broken seashells.

In addition to the crowdedness, or as a result of it, it’s incredibly noisy.  And dirty.  Cars crawl along the crowded streets, bringing in even more tourists.  Street vendors line the malecon, the beachfront esplanade, hawking everything from souvenirs to shrimp on a stick.

Hosts of businesses and brands also line up to capitalize on the opportunity to market to thousands of visitors all crammed into one place.  Inflatables and advertisements are everywhere, and virtually every exposed surface in town has someone’s logo plastered on it.

The Ugly

So, that’s Salinas, Ecuador in the peak season.  What’s the off-season like?

Polar.  Opposite.

The crowded, bustling beach is virtually empty, and the place turns into a ghost town.  And all for good reason.  The beautiful weather of the busy season is replaced by chilly temperatures, and the sky is overcast almost every day.  This often comes as quite a shock to unsuspecting tourists, many of whom have gone so far as to describe the scene as “depressing.”

Many visitors to Salinas are also disappointed in the availability and quality of shopping and dining.  This sparseness is even more exaggerated during the off-season when a lot of businesses that cater to tourists don’t operate.

There isn’t even a decent supermarket in Salinas, as the nearest one is 10 minutes away in La Libertad.  This presents a bit of a problem, since safety can be a bit of a concern the farther you venture from the beachfront resort area.

During the peak season, the tourist area is patrolled by a whole battalion of police officers and private security guards.  But the area farther from the coast is industrial and impoverished-looking.  Again, quite the contrast from the glitz and glitter of the coast.

Then again, much of Ecuador’s coast is undeveloped.  So, the amenities and infrastructure are about what can be expected for a city this size.

Salinas, Ecuador Summary

Salinas is a really great deal.  But it’s only a great deal if you’re prepared to deal with overcrowded beaches, underwhelming food options, and nothing but tumbleweeds blowing down the street in the off-season.

If you’re looking for a serene, tropical paradise where you can lie undisturbed on the beach and enjoy the scenery year-round, this isn’t it.


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81 thoughts on “Salinas, Ecuador: Not for Everyone

  1. 1

    This is the first honest article about Salinas I have ever read, congratulations I could not have said it better my self. I went there once and that was enough!

  2. 2

    When were you there? I am interested in knowing how long, when, is the off season.

    • 3

      Linda- The low season for Salinas runs from mid-May to December, streets are less jam packed and there are fewer vendors as well.

    • laurence oliver

      was their two years ago and will be going down…at the end of November (booked flight,24th).
      Low season (off season) is from June to December….

      Hope this answer helps you out….

      • 5

        Hello Hector. I really enjoyed reading your response about Salinas. I have heard about the place and am planning a trip end of March 2015. I am retired, and looking for a place to do my off season enjoyment. Can u recommend a place I could stary overlooking the beach area and enjoy some night life. I am 72 and still like to people watch and socialize with the locals. Nothing expensive but nice, clean and safe. I have spent the last 16 years living in Thailand, Philippines, Korea and Japan. Hope to hear from u as soon as. Thanks in advance


  3. Hector G. Quintana

    Guys, I live here year-round. Salinas. I don’t know what place you are writing about, but I couldn’t recognize it, if you spotted the first 6 letters. Salinas has a SuperMaxi in Salinas, proper, which is a first grocery store. You don’t have to go to La Libertad, which is only 7 minutes away from the central “strip” in Salinas, and contains a regional mall, which is literally across the street from Salinas (the road in between divides Salinas from La Libertad). The weather almost never drops below 65º and, when it does, it drops to like 61-62…rarely. Ecuador doesn’t have a singl tourist season, it has 2, one could argue 3. The Guayaquil city crowds and then the separate sierra region crowds. Although the latter is now being more divided between Quito visitors at one time and Cuenca visitors at another. The place is not “South Beach” and anyone billing it that way, or expecting to find the same, is going to be disappointed. However, on the rare Tuesday of low season you might find the place “desolate, but for the most part, you have tourists and year-round residents all the time. It is not the insane “hard to move along the sidewalk” packed of ultimate peak season, but it is active. Only a handful of business close down for the off-season, certainly not the majority. Contrast that with the famed Punta del Este in Uruguay someday when you get a chance. That place shutters down…not Salinas. In short, I can’t even recognize the place based on your description. Respect your perspective… but…wow!

    Hector G. Quintana

    • Maria Barroso

      Hola Hector how are you? I liked all the positive things you mention about Salinas…I’m in Canada but Am thinking of retiring to a place that its safe and joyful when the time comes so Iam very interested ….I’m searching but its good to know someone that knows…right? Much as gracias …….Maria

    • 8

      hola Hector I’ve planned a trip to Salinas (mid may) this year as a honnymoon I’m near retirement and will want to look at some homes while down there.
      is there any neighborhoods that you would either recomend or not recomendas I only have a limited time to look
      your comments on salinas sounded unbiased and I look foward to hear your input
      thanks in advance …………..rick

      • 9

        I enjoyed the post you put on this site. We are going to Salinas for a month starting Jan. 8 2015. I hope you can advise me. I want to know if there is a tourist bureau there where we can book one, two or three days excursions to places outside of Salinas. For instance Plata Island or other places. All information will be helpful and appreciated. Thanks, Peter

        • 10

          We’ll be in Salinas Nov 18th for a week. We are planning on moving over there (husband, me and 2 children) Does anybody know if the area around the Jefferson School is nice? We are planning on buying a house in one of the condominio cerrados.

          • Hector G. Quintana


            The area right around Jefferson is usually not favored by Expats, but a location close enough can be found to suit most everyone. If you’d like, you can contact me at +1.786.220.4987 before coming down (or I can call you) or, if you are already here, my local number is 098.522.9631. Either way, hope you enjoy Salinas!

        • Robert Jutras

          Peter I would appreciate your comments on your last visit to Salinas. My wife and I are considering going there in Jan 2016 for 3 weeks with intention to say 4-5 months a year. Cheers!
          Roberto- Canadian- Retired

        • 13

          We are also arriving in Ecuador Jan. 8, 2015. Very much looking forward to meeting as many locals as possible. Very adventurous and travel smart.

      • 14

        Hector is totally biased being a real estate person from Salinas. Believe what he says with a grain of salt!

      • Hector G. Quintana

        I do not get much time to check in on the various websites on which I participate, as business keeps me pretty busy. However, if you are still thinking of coming down here, please contact me at +1.786.220.4987 before coming down (or I can call you) or, if you already here, my local number is 098.522.9631. Best of luck!

    • Corey Berman

      I am intersted in more information and buying a place there to retire to how is the medical care and would i be able to move there and live there year round not being a citizen of ecuador

    • 18

      Thanks for the alternative view of Salinas, Hector! I too, love Salinas in the off-season. My family (white, super-white….gringos) don’t burn thanks to the overcast skies and enjoy the almost empty beach. The water continues to be warm (think Florida, not Brazil water temperatures). At the same time you have lots of locals willing to work (aka bring you drinks and fried shrimp) to the beach for next to nothing.
      In 2015, we spent all of August at the beach before returning to Cuenca (where we live).

    • Pat OConnor

      Hector is correct. When was this article updated? I’d say about 5 years ago. There is a good size grocery store on 2nd street one block from the beach.
      This is our 4th year of staying in Salinas a month or two. There are currently 5 excellent restaurants here. Luvin Oven is as good as any seafood restaurant anywhere.
      Big Ralph’s is awesome. Sogale is excellent! Mar y Grill is excellent. Marios has real pizza that ain’t Chicago but good. Marcos pizza is NY style and great.
      The Italian Gourmet is pricey but very good. Salinas gets a little cleaner and nicer each year. I travel the world and though Salinas can be gritty this article doesn’t do it justice.

  4. 20

    I have been to Salinas twice and am going back again this winter. I have been at low season and found it quite lovely and peaceful and the weather very enjoyable. Also, my last trip, I stayed in Chipipe, a suburb of Salinas, and loved it. The beach is gorgeous (yes a bit busier on weekends and holidays) and filled with families having fun and enjoying each others company (something we sorely miss in North America). The weather is hot and sunny virtually every day! Grocery stores are further away but renting a taxi is very cheap ($1-$3). There is also the outdoor produce and fish market just outside Salinas where you can buy most things you need (incl eggs, milk, fruit, veg and all sorts of meats).

    Salinas is noisy and busy over the New Years holiday and car alarms constantly go off so I recommend staying in a quieter locale like Chipipe if you are going at high season.


    • 21

      Just got back from a wonderful month of low season in Salinas.we loved every minute of it. Temperatures did not go below 67 and we hit 80 once.
      Great breeze off the backside of the Malecon. Several excellent restaurants. The Ecuadoreans were salt of the earth, family oriented people that
      are happy to converse, give directions and tell you how to enjoy their little paradise!. The streets of urban America are no cleaner than the neighborhoods
      mentioned in the less than flattering article above. It is definitely NOT FOR EVERYBODY. I think for retiring people all over the world it is one helluva
      way to stretch those fixed incomes!…

  5. 22

    I like how you used my the Good, the Bad and the Ugly line….I have been using that to help folks understand Ecuador’s beauty and it’ s drawbacks. It is NOT Disneyland, but it is indeed Adventureland.
    Your observations are correct for the most part, but the off season actually is becoming a “bit more traveled” by locals and the influx of foreigners. I have lived in Salinas, Olon, Ballenita, Punta Carnero, Playas and Guayaquil over the last 8 years and experienced the off season in all of them. From Salinas north June through November it’s like living in Seattle at 65 degrees…usually dreary and not a whole lot of sun happening….now you take Playas and you are in So. California of say 50 years ago. It is typically sunny everyday of the year (their claim to fame is Unesco awarding Playas the Second Best Climate in the WORLD)…they tout 320 days of sunshine and are spot on. Anyway…it is true that Ecuador is NOT for everyone and you should take time to really explore to find out what is best for you…not what someone tells you.
    Happy Trails,

    • Jeannette Folmer

      Hi Mike, I am planning on moving to Ecuador soon and I wanted to thank you for your information.I am not main stream and I have a fixed income and I want to live near the beach. What town do you reccomend? Thanks, Jen

      • Hector G. Quintana


        Know you asked Mike, who may have answered already, but if you can’t get less “mainstream” than Montañita. So, you might want to pick a place close to there…Manglaralto…Olón…San Jose, or maybe just settle into Montañita proper.

        • Jeffrey Forrest

          Hi Hector (and others). Thanks much for all the info on Salinas. We’ve booked a trip there, arriving August 22, and if we like what we find (why not?) we’re moving there permanently at beginning of 2017, if not sooner. Hector, I notice a Miami phone number, but yet you live in Salinas year round. How does that work… one of my concerns is communication back to US. By the way, we live in Ft Lauderdale (originally from NY). Would love to speak with you,,can I call, or you can call me at 954-260-2903

  6. 26

    Opinions on Salinas are as mixed as the weather. Don’t settle for other people’s critiques when you can form your own, at least that is about the daily weather and crowds at different times of year, see for yourself. Here’s a live webcam overlooking Salinas beach and Malecón

  7. 27

    My wife and I spent most of this past May in Salinas as well as a few other towns to the north along the coast.

    The weather was near perfect, temps in the high 20’s every day, lots of sunshine, a few clouds. The beaches were not crowded, there were lots of wide open spaces to lay out and relax. The water was great, not to warm, not too cool. It was nice and clear and seemed to be very clean. We did not notice any lack of vendors or many businesses that were shuttered for the season. We ate some of the best meals right along the malecon and managed to down an awful lot of delicious pilsner light…

    We met so many American and Canadian ex-pats, and a few have become good friends. Our first day in Salinas (we started our trip with 2 days in Guayaquil), we met some expat friends and were promptly invited to attend an expat party at Sin, a ‘nightclub’ apparently owned by an expat (a fellow Canadian??). Here we enjoyed some live music, delicious drinks, beef on a bun. Here, I met Mike Sager who happened to be playing in the band. The music was great.

    We also met a great Canadian family that own/run a nice little coffee shop a couple of blocks off the beach- Common Grounds. Great place to start or end your day and the free wireless doesn’t hurt! Hi Sheri and Jim 🙂

    Our off season experience was fantastic. The only wrinkle we had was when we were up in Puerto Lopez for a couple of days…something we ate definitely did not agree with either of us. We paid the price for the next 5 days.

  8. 30

    Thanks for the heads up, I’m presently exploring round Quito area. Shut one eye and this is an increadable place… Open the other and you could be in Lagos Nigeria. I want to make my way down to the beach areas, was thinking of Manta, has anyone got info about the place.
    Like the good bad ugly … It’s the same up here.
    Gordon J

    • Richard Palmer

      We just came from manta. All I can say is what a dump! Not much to do. Few good restaurants and not much beach. Go and see for yourself I think you wil be disappointed

  9. 32

    I agree and disagree with you guys. Salinas is like any other beach town, crowded in vacation times and quite during off season. However, one thing that Salinas bits all other towns is the quality of food and prices. Everything is fresh and for less than $10 you can eat great sea food dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables, and if you are tight with money, you can eat all day for $10 or less. Hotels and apartment price are no near comparison with other beach towns, prices are very low and very expensive; it is only what you can afford. When you are in Salinas tried to learn more about the town, the Malecon is not only Salinas.

  10. 33

    Well, I’ve read all the comments noted above and have decided to put in my 2 cents worth as well. My wife and I have been to Salinas several times in the past few years. I have no comment on the weather except to say that I live in Vancouver, B.C. where it rains and is overcast 80% of the time. Salinas is like no other place on earth. We purchased a condo this year, 1600 sq.ft. Ocean Front, penthouse. We did a complete renovation, new everything, with a total cost of about 10% of the price for the same unit in Hawaii. The cost of living is one of the best features of the city. You can live very comfortably for $1500 per month, the people are friendly and the crime rate is low compared to the US or Canada. Stay away from the bad areas and you’ll be fine. Every city has bad areas. I bought for all the right reasons, good weather, low prices, no stress. The good, the bad, the ugly….humbug

    • Rick Fellardeau

      Hi David! I am also from Vancouver (Richmond actually).We are contemplating living in Salinas 6 months but need to visit there first. I would really like to talk to you if you would not mind. Have a few questions and it is always good to talk to someone that knows. I hope we can get in touch either via Facebook or thru here.

      Thanks so much

      Rick Fellardeau

    • 35

      Hi David,
      My Husband and I are talking about moving down to Ecuador but not really sure what city yet. Can you tell us more about Salinas? thanks Katt +John

    • 36

      Hi David Willson
      I enjoyed your comment. I live in Kelowna and am very familiar with Vancouver. I have just retired and am considering buying a second home for a winter retreat. I would like to talk further with you by email if you don’t mind. It will be nice to get insights from someone with a balanced view and who knows the Salinas beach area and condo scene. My email address is [email protected]
      If any real estate agents are reading this do us both a favour and do NOT contact me.
      I hope to hear from you David.

      Thanks, Vern

    • 37

      Hi David, I am from Montreal , and planing to go Jan.-Feb. 2014 to salinas what is the price for a 1 bedroom condo to rent .?

    • Jerry porter

      David, I am possibly looking to spend a week Jan17th to Jan24th 2015 in salinas. I am spending the prior week in Canoa. There are 4 of us, my wife and a friend and his wife. All seniors. Would you have an interest in renting your condo that week? If so how much?

      We were in Panama last year and I can give a reference as to the quality of people we are.

      • David Willson

        Hi Jerry,

        I’m sorry, but I likely will never rent the unit. Our Reno was total, ceilings, floors, walls, kitchen with all stainless steel appliances, white furniture, on and on. I honestly believe it’s better now than anything I’ve seen there. Before it was finished I had an offer for $3500.00 per month for a 6 month period and turned it down. We will eventually live there. But, thanks for the interest.



  11. 40

    Things must be changing in Salinas since you were last here in the off season. We were in Salinas in August and September of 2013 and every good restaurant was open and fairly busy. Not crowded but not full. The streets were full and the noise level was high. The beaches were pleasant and not nearly as crowded as now. We really liked Salinas because of the large number of EXPATs and English speaking establishments. Made many friends (Americans, Canadians and Ecuadorias. We decided we would like to live here so we came back in November to check out Salina in the high season. Really not much different except the cost of the condos are much higher and shopping during Christmas and New Years was not the best experience you can have (of course it’s bad everywhere else, too). I recommend anyone that wants to live in Ecuador start off in Salinas and visit the surrounding areas (like Playas, Montanita, Ayanque, etc.) they all have their unique features and feel but Salinas is the closest to the North American atmosphere.

  12. 42

    My wife and I bought a place on the Malecon in Salinas in March, and have visited several times in preparation for moving there full-time in just a few days. I agree wholeheartedly that Salinas (and really, Ecuador) is not for everyone. If you come there expecting everything to be wonderful, easy, perfect and without a problem in the world, you will indeed be disappointed. We made the decision to move there because OVERALL the benefits outweigh the negatives. We find the lifestyle and availability of fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood to be the major factor for us. As has been pointed out, the SuperMaxi is a 25 cent bus ride away and a $2 cab ride back. There is a Mi Commiseriata (sp, sorry!) and a wonderful open-air market where you can get 80% of your grocery needs in easy walking distance.

    And the weather. I find the use of the word “chilly” in the article amusing. I suppose that is a subjective thing, but really, the temperature is rarely above 90 or below 65 (at night). Usually more like between 88-74 in high season, 74-69 in low. There’s a consistency to the temperature year-round that we find appealing, and worth some cloudy days. What I find particularly amusing is that some of the same folks that proclaim Salinas’ weather as “depressing” often talk up Cuenca as “eternal spring-like weather” when it rains often and is frequently upper 60’s by day and can be in the 40’s at night. Climate is in the thermostat of the beholder, I suppose.

    We have found Ecuador in general and Salinas in particular to be a study in contrasts, agreed. But if you are willing to relax and live with Ecuador instead of trying to force it into a notion that it must be like Hawaii, or Southern California, or whatever, I think you will find it one of the most interesting and affordable places to live.

    • Richard Palmer


    • David Willson

      I enjoyed reading your post. My wife and I have been in Salinas several times during the renovation of our condo purchase in 2012. We will be living there full time beginning December 3rd, 2015. I would like to meet you if possible. We have several Ecuadorian friends and think it would be nice to meet a few North Americans. Please let me know by e-mail how to get in touch with you. I can be reached at [email protected].

  13. 45

    Hi Daniel,

    My wife and I want to come down for three months from April.

    Any suggestions on best location and an agent ?p

  14. Robert Erickson

    New York City, San Diego, San Francisco and Sarasota
    5 years in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
    5 years in Montevideo, Uruguay
    Traveled through-out South America
    Salinas is my home now and I love it. The economics, weather and people is where its at.

    • 47

      Currently in Venice FL,formerly Sarasota. Have lived in Canoa in 2008 and ran coast south to Montanita..interested in prices on rentals/within a few blocks of beach..just some ball park #’s ok ..thnx

    • Jeannette Folmer

      Hi Robert, I am from the east bay and I am retiring to Salinas. I want to thank you for your input and maybe we will run in to each other in Salinas. (facebook me). I am so excited to be moving there! I don’t know anyone there and I’m trying to meet people and have some sort of a support system in place. Vaya con Dios y gracias.

  15. 49

    planning to go to Salinas mid March 2014 Need 2 bedroom kitchen with swimming pool in a resort. Any suggestions?

  16. Gary L Mathews

    would like all info on salinas i can get!!!

  17. 51

    I would love any information that anyone who is in Salinas can provide. We are gearing up to visit this fall, (October) and probably move next year. I have not been, but my husband has. We would love to find a reasonable place to stay for probably 3 weeks. 1 for vacation exploring, the other 2 for surveying and speaking to other expats in the area. We are in our 50’s, live in Florida, northwest, but ready to make a move! Please contact me here or facebook and thank you in advance!!

  18. Gillian Adkins

    We are also from White Rock, BC and are interested in living in Salinas during the winter months. We would also like to be able to rent out our place during the summer months. We are also interested in sailing, as in sailboats with sails! Any information would be gratefully received!!!

  19. 53

    We’re interested in visiting Salinas and Cuenca in the next 6-12 months and am curious about traveling into and around Ecuador. What cities do expats fly in and out of? Is travel within the country safe?

    • 54

      Hi Joyce, thanks for taking the time to comment. The nearest major airport is José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (GYE / SEGU). This airport has international and domestic flights from Guayaquil, Ecuador and is 150 km from the center of Salinas, Ecuador.Another major airport is Eloy Alfaro International Airport (MEC / SEMT), which has domestic flights from Manta, Ecuador and is 214 km from Salinas, Ecuador. As in all Latin America countries there is crime, but keeping your self safe is easy…here are the recommendations from the USA Embassy in Ecuador.

    • laurence oliver

      the two airports in Ecuador for International flights are……Quito in the North of the country
      And Guayaquil in the South…..The country is only is as safe as you can make it.
      most pickpockets. ..and for some it will seem safe..for others not so much so.
      If yout from the States where everyone has guns….how safe do you feel…???
      can only tell you, I was in Ecuador,two years ago and going to retire their for 6months,
      then return to Canada for 6 months…that’s this year.
      Its a beautiful country with mostly very nice people.

  20. Rod Ratcliffe

    My wife and I are currently in Ecuador just north of Montanita in a private rental home on the beach, we too are from B.C Nelson, people here are very nice, no one bothers you like in mexico, weather has been awesome, this is our first time in south america, been every where in Mexico, and feel safer here,not many english speaking people here but we are going to visit Salinas tomorrow. any suggestions where to eat

    • 57

      Hi Rod: I would be really interested to hear from you how your trip went and some in depth information. This area seems really interesting as do some others. We are presently listing our home and plan to head for Ecuador to check it out as soon as it sells. We live in Grand Forks so you are not too far away and understand the comparisons in weather etc. could you contact me at [email protected] please.

  21. 58

    The most important thing that hasn’t been mentioned is health care in Salinas…..what about it??

  22. Mindy. Pesantes

    i come from Ecuador and. The only thing that I can tell you is that Salinas is the place to live, since I was a little child I dreamed to live there and one they I will .

  23. David Willson

    Hi Rick and Katt,

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I don’t visit this site on a regular basis. Let me know how I can get in touch with you and perhaps we can meet.


  24. real estate argentina

    Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I loved this article. It was inspiring.
    Keep on posting!

  25. 62

    we are interested in Ecuador we are planning a trip soon we live in buffalo ny and have run a business for 30 years and are thing about moving to south/central america we have been to panama and costa rica we are are on the fence on what to do 52 and 57 years old great business but looking for a little change and to get away from the winters any suggestions

  26. 64

    Im planing to move to salinas in August of this year . Can anyone tell me how much is to rent a house or to rent an apartment or condo over there .. Thx

    • Jeannette Folmer

      Hi Gina, me too! There’s lots of rentals on craigslist/Ecuador/Salinas and very reasonable. I am so excited to be moving there!!

  27. 66

    I am on a plane going to Quito as I type this. Land April 18 2014. Want to see the town and work my way down To salinas. Looking for a place for a month or two. Want to fit in upper amazon and Galapagos. Need to be back in California first week of August. I am a singe retired man. I am very well traveled. Over 100 countries..looking for a safe place to live. My dates are open. [email protected]. Thanks

  28. 67

    Hello all, I’m from the US, my parents however were born in Ecuador. Feel like I need to add to this thread in regards to my experience in Ecuador. First things first when it comes to traveling abroad, the first thing one thinks about is crime. Suffice to say that crime exists everywhere, that being said, just have fun and be vigilant of your surroundings and you’ll be ok. Another thing is I read everybody commenting about Salinas, now that’s fine, Salinas is awesome, weather can get cool at certain times but ultimately you make your vacation. There’s lots to do and cheap, Jetski, snorkeling, fishing, scuba, etc. I know that this thread is about Salinas but let me say that there’s lots more beyond Salinas. Being that I have family in Ecuador, I’ve usually spent my time with family and never really ventured out and explored the country until recently. For those of you who are planning a vacation, let me just say that from my experience, Ecuador is incredible, my recent stay was for 3 weeks. What I did was for the first 3 days I spent it with my family saying hello, etc. after that I got lost, and boy did I have a great time. I drove several hours on my way to Bańos, what a scenery it was driving through the mountains. Bańos is chilly due to the altitude of the location but what an amazing little town, the thermal baths and waterfalls are beautiful which is why I was there for a few days.

    Afterwards, I drove through ” La Ruta Del Sol ” The Sun Route, pretty much drove the entire Pacific coast, wherever the sun went down, is where I stood for the night. What an incredible trip that was, I stood at Canoa, Bahia de Caraquez, Manta, Puerto Lopez, Montańitas, Punta Blanca, Ballenitas, etc. Let me just add that the best place to eat along the coast was in Puerto Cayo, the food was delicious. Now in reference to beaches, Canoa beach had awesome rough seas, the waves were huge for you surfers. Montańitas is a surfers haven as well and is a huge tourist location but at night you can witness drug activities so keep that in mind if you travel with little ones. Ayangue beach is awesome for families with calm waters and activities as well. Los Frailes beach is beautiful just like Ayangue. Playas, is nice, weather is almost always nice but doesn’t look like much, but decent waters nice strong waves. Salinas is where most travel during holidays etc. and it’s a family location, lots to do, friendly people, and good food. The only flaw I found is that the vendors recognized you as a tourist they kept trying to sell you things relentlessly, from clothing, food, eye wear, souvenirs, tattoos, candy, etc. NON STOP!! other than that, awesome. Hope this helps, and have a great time in Ecuador. A short video I did from my experience, enjoy.

    • Richard Wooten

      Hello Ed. Nice video shots. Ed I am Richard in Las Vegas. I am planning a trip to Salinas, first week of Dec fore approx 15 days. I am looking to get in an area of the city with action, music, good sightseeing. Restaurants, night clubs. Need a ice hotel along the beach. Love to walk. I am a young 71 and still enjoying all the life I have left. Really looking for a retirement location also. Can you or anyone that knows the area point me in the right direction for enjoying all the things I mentioned. Thanks in advance. Richard Wooten

  29. 69

    This hippy don’t have clue

  30. 70

    I have been to Salinas 10 times and am going back again this winter. I have been at low season and found it quite lovely and peaceful and the weather very enjoyable. Also, my last trip, I stayed in SAMLORENSO , a suburb of Salinas, and loved it. The beach is gorgeous (yes a bit busier on weekends and holidays) and filled with families having fun and enjoying each others company (something we sorely miss in North America). The weather is hot and sunny virtually every day! Grocery stores are further away but renting a taxi is very cheap ($1-$3). There is also the outdoor produce and fish market just outside Salinas where you can buy most things you need (incl eggs, milk, fruit, veg and all sorts of meats).
    Salinas is noisy and busy over the New Years holiday and car alarms constantly go off so I recommend staying in SALINAS if you are going at high season.

  31. 71

    I have been to Salinas 10 TIMES and am going back again this winter. I have been at low season and found it quite lovely and peaceful and the weather very enjoyable. Also, my last trip, I stayed in San Lorenzo , a suburb of Salinas, and loved it. The beach is gorgeous (yes a bit busier on weekends and holidays) and filled with families having fun and enjoying each others company (something we sorely miss in North America). The weather is hot and sunny virtually every day! Grocery stores are further away but renting a taxi is very cheap ($1-$3). There is also the outdoor produce and fish market just outside Salinas where you can buy most things you need (incl eggs, milk, fruit, veg and all sorts of meats).
    Salinas is noisy and busy over the New Years holiday and car alarms constantly go off so I recommend staying in a quieter locale like San Lorenzo if you are going at high season.
    Cheers! I love Ecuador, Salinas.

  32. Debra Thurlow

    My husband and I are living in Penticton, BC and selling a business here and interested in possibly purchasing a bar or a small Bed and Breakfast in Salinas to fill our retirement dreams. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

  33. 74

    we will be in Salinas next week, Nov 18th to 22th. We were in Salinas before and we loved it, we are planning on moving with our 2 children in 2016. Does anybody know what are good areas to purchase a home? We are looking for a around Jefferson school, Is that a safe area?

  34. Purvis Jackson

    I am in Ballenita this week, and I have visited Santa Elena, La Libertad, and Salinas. It is March 24 and the temps have been mid-80s and blue sky all week, with lows in 70s at night. I have been pleasantly surprised by the area, though the beaches are less awe inspiring than those up the coast further. Given my short time here (1 week in late March) I agree with Hector moreso than the original review. It is hot, all blue sky, and pretty clean beaches. The food is good and comparable to other places throughout Ecuador, in which I have traveled for 4 months combined in 3 visiits, as well as being comparable to prices in all of Latin countries (and I’ve visited them all) from Mexico south to here. Whereas I’m more given to like the high country terrain and climate, I would consider visiting Salinas again.

  35. David Willson

    Just an update on a post I made last year. I purchased a condo on the penthouse floor in San Lorenzo in 2012. My wife and I did a complete redo of the unit turning it into an extremely modern home as would be found in a high end building in North America. It might be the nicest condo in all of Salinas. Anyway, the reason for this post is to let the followers know that we have made the decision to move to Ecuador before the end of the year. Thus making our San Lorenzo condo our permanent residence. We have spent several months in the unit since the redo and have decided the place, the people, and the climate are perfect for us to make Ecuador our permanent home. Great place, special people and now soon to be our home. You won’t hear any negative comments from us. We love the place.

    David Willson

  36. James Patsourakos

    My wife and daughter are planning to move to the Salinas area my daughter plans to work as a teacher. Could someone give us information as what is required to live there in South American and how many schools are in the area and pro’s and Cons Thank you in advance

  37. fred pickering

    Hello…..Love this post site, very informing. I am a Roving Chiropractor just recently closed previous Clinic. I am looking for a Niche to live for 6 months a year and if I like….all year. I am well traveled and plan on giving Equador , especially Salinas a look. I will be there from Feb to May. I need an Implant thus looking for a good Dentist and also a nice, simple place to stay for the 3 months. Can anyone help in those regards? Also…to be blunt, I am single and am looking for a Lady Friend and if the wind flows that way, a Life Partner. Hint hint E-mail for all of the above is: [email protected] Excuse the connotation, but I also ride and train horses.
    Salinas sounds wonderful, I can’t wait !

  38. Benjamin Colonello

    Hello my name is Ben I am thinking about moving down to Salinas Ecuador. I was wondering what opportunities Salinas offers for employment. Also wondering what the average cost of living would be. I would appreciate any information and advice that any one wants and is willing to share. Thanks. Also I could in touch with Mr. Hector G. Quintana, sir, that would be awesome.

  39. 80

    Going to Ecuador June 5th for 10 days. Thinking of Guayaquil, salinas, montevita, manta, then back to Quito and out. Any suggestions?

  40. 81

    I served in the Peace Corps in Salinas in the 1970’s, married a “pata salada” local and have returned annually with our kids who love Ecuador as much as, if not more than the U.S. I’ve always thought of Salinas as a little secret. The less gringos there the better in my mind, however the secret’s out. Property values are increasing some as a result although fortunately supply still exceeds demand. At least it’s a healthy existence away from the big city and Ecuador is a beautiful, peaceful and tranquil place if one needs to escape to explore other parts of the country.

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