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Uvita, Costa Rica: Great for Shopping, Okay for Surfing

If you're planning on moving to southern Costa Rica, or at least spending a considerable amount of time there, then Uvita, Costa Rica, is a place you'll probably end up frequenting. Read More

Buy an Island and Be Legendary

Everyone wants their own island. It’s a scientific fact. And, studies have shown that if you own one, you are cool. Read More

Podcast – The Darien Gap; One of the Most Dangerous Places in the World

Author Martin Mitchinson tells us what it was like spending 18 months in the notoriously famous Darien Gap of Panama. Read More

Why the Cost of Living in Costa Rica Is Totally Worth It

The cost of living in Costa Rica is one Latin America's highest but that isn't slowing its steady influx of tourists and expats. Here's why it's worth the money. Read More

Dominical Costa Rica: Where the Jungle Rises from the Sea

Ever want to move to paradise? Consider Dominical, Costa Rica, a surfer's dream and eco-friendly town on the Pacific Coast! Read More

Buying Time: The #1 Way to Add Value to Your Expat Life

Money and time are your two most fleeting, yet valuable resources. Find out how a little of the former can add a lot of the latter. Read More

Podcast – Expat Start-Up Guide: How to Create and Grow Your Business the Old-Fashioned Way

Join our discussion to find out how one expat went from driving deliveries of his ginger beer on his motorbike to getting approached by an American juice entrepreneur who just sold his own company to Starbucks. Read More

20 Photos Guaranteed to Make You Want Your Own Island

Ever dreamed of owning your own island? If you haven't yet you will after looking at these 20 amazing photos. We can also tell you how to make it a reality. Read More


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