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Living, investing, and real estate in the tropics. Learn about it all here.

Why Pavones, Costa Rica Is No Longer Just for Surfers

Pavones, Costa Rica was once an "end of the road" destination for surfers only. Find out why it's becoming more and more attractive to investors as well.
Once charged by an ape as well as long hours spent walking through the rainforest, environmental news reporter Rhett Butler joins the show to share what life is like when reporting from the jungle.

The Bright Future of Nicaragua Real Estate

Learn more about the promising Nicaragua real estate market in cities like Granada, Leon, Managua, San Juan del Sur, and beautiful Lake Nicaragua.

What $150,000 Buys in Salinas, Ecuador (Hint: It’s Beachfront)

We spoke with a local real estate expert about why Ecuador's coast is such a great choice for expats and investors.

True! Bahia, Ecuador Is Worth Rediscovering

After reinventing itself due to flooding and an earthquake, Bahia, Ecuador is "bridging" the gap that once separated it from the rest of the country.

Podcast – Central America Real Estate Show Vol.4: 100% Belize!

Get the lowdown on all things Belize real estate from John Acott, long-time Belizean broker and Belize resident.

Why Everyone Needs a Fortress of Solitude

Are you ever irritable, but don't know why? Maybe you need to find your own fortress of solitude.
Heredia, Costa Rica combines rich history, country-style living, and the convenience of the Central Valley, making it a prime investment location for expats.
Maybe the greatest job in the world, Park and Josh reminisce about some of their most memorable days while exploring the far reaches of Central America in their search for the best real estate can offer.

Buying an Island in Belize: Everything You Need to Know

Buying an island in Belize is easier than you think! Just follow these steps and make sure to have a team of professionals you can trust.

Dream Worthy Amenities in Los Suenos, Costa Rica

Los Suenos, Costa Rica is one of the premier resorts in Central America. With world-class amenities. Los Suenos exemplifies what a resort can and should be.
Ever wonder where are the best places to live in the world? Here are our top 10. The common factor they share might surprise you.
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