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Living, investing, and real estate in the tropics. Learn about it all here.

Living in Mexico: 5 Checklist Items (Before You Go)

Five items you need to learn before living in Mexico. Books, blogs, forums, Spanish language programs, Visa requirements, banks, and local shopping.

Viva Pick: Top 8 Places to Retire in 2015

With more baby boomers reaching that "magic age" the interest in finding places to retire in the tropics is growing. Learn about the top spots in 2015.

Be Bold! Retire to Ecuador

Expats choosing to retire to Ecuador are discovering more opportunities than ever before. Whether you are seeking rustic or modern, Ecuador is for you.

Do Expats Really Need to Learn the Language? It Depends.

If you're thinking of moving to the Latin tropics, learning Spanish might be a perceived barrier for you. But does it really have to be? We have the answer.

Move to Costa Rica? 5 Reasons to Do it Now!

There are many reasons to move to Costa Rica now. Great locations, lots of expats, and great returns on investment are just some of the benefits there.

Podcast – Ultra Waterman Mark Healey Tells All

Mark Healey goes in-depth about his love for water, surfing, spearfishing, and more.

The 6 Most Spectacular Places to Live in Latin America

Find out why investors love these six spectacular places to live in Latin America: Ambergris Caye, Roatán, Cuenca, Boca Chica, Nosara, San Miguel de Allende.

The Climate in Mexico: You’ll Never Guess the Biggest Benefit

The variations of the climate in Mexico range from tropical to desert. With such diversity of choices, it's easy for expats to find their Mexican retreat.
Belize is safe for expats and tourists. Petty theft, driving obstacles, health safety concerns, prevention measures for home or hotel, weather safety advice

The 8 Tips Every New Expat Must Know Upon Arrival

Becoming an expat is a life-changing decision. By following these must-know tips, you can make your arrival in paradise both easier and less stressful.
Join Josh with his 6th installment of the Central America real estate show. This episode Casey Stamps joins the discussion on investing in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.

6 of the Best Mountain Towns in Ecuador

Check out these 6 great mountain towns in Ecuador. From the bustle of Cuenca to the natural beauty of Cotacachi, you'll find affordable history and culture.
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