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Living, investing, and real estate in the tropics. Learn about it all here.

Ojochal Costa Rica: Uncover Costa Rica’s Hidden Gem

Far from a tourist trap, Ojochal, Costa Rica is the local secret you’ve been looking for. Featuring one of the most stunning landscapes imaginable.

Podcast – Scouting Missions to Colombia and El Salvador

Park joins the show to discuss his recent trip to Medellin, Colombia with his boys. While Josh gets in-depth on his take of El Salvador's investment potential.
Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is a unique blend of nature, recreational choices, and a variety of places to play, stay, and invest in the "pura vida" lifestyle.

This Unknown Paradise is Matapalo, Costa Rica

Looking for a potential expat location that’s high on adventure and low on overly touristy elements?  Look no further than Matapalo, Costa Rica.

Podcast – How to Improve Your Surfing on Land

So you want to improve your surfing skills without getting in the water – Great! Then listen up as we talk with training pro, Anthony Sasso, creator of the program Fit2shred.

Health Insurance for Expats: The Ecuadorian Way

Ecuador stands out as one of the leading Latin American countries in terms of health care opportunities, making it a perfect spot for your tropical lifestyle.

Why Now Is the Time to Move to Placencia, Belize

Placencia, Belize offers the best of everything this Caribbean nation has to offer. Find out more about its abundant natural beauty and other attractions.

Podcast – Anatomy of a Monster Drug Deal, A Smuggler’s Tale

Ex-smuggler and author Brian O'Dea joins the show to discuss the details of the biggest drug deal of his life and how he got away with it – at least for the moment.

Roatan – Jack of All Expat Offerings, Master of Most

Many expat destinations claim to offer it all, and some come pretty darn close. However, none do any of it as well as the island of Roatan, Honduras.
Just a short distance from capital city of San Jose and just minutes from the upscale expat community of Escazu, Santa Ana, Costa Rica has become a unique...

Podcast – Your Introduction to Biodynamic Farming

What in the world is Biodynamic farming? Esteban Pereira joins the show to go in-depth on the subject and help you get started with your own Biodynamic Farm.
Far from the vibrant commercial and cultural centers of Guayaquil and Quito, Ibarra, Ecuador offers a potential for a different, more laid-back style of living.
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