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Living, investing, and real estate in the tropics. Learn about it all here.

Looking for authentic culture, postcard-worthy coastline, and a cool Caribbean vibe? May we introduce you to Placencia, Belize's better beach.
These facts range from mildly impressive to downright shocking. Don't visit without knowing #14, and don't let #10 scare you!
On this episode we speak to Greg about what it is like to survive a near-drowning and then try to find your confidence again.
Crucita, Ecuador has a reputation as a top spot for paragliding and hang gliding. Expats are also discovering its potential for investment and retirement.
Gary Connery talks. As the first man to jump from a helicopter then land on the ground below safely, without a parachute, he has a lot to say.
Find out why we think this amazing retirement destination has been extremely underrated.
Buying property in Costa Rica is easier than you think. Here's a synopsis of the property laws that govern the process.
Author Daniel Lee Reid joins the show to discuss Taoist sex practices and how they can revolutionize your relationship.
Check out the top 5 sights that'll make you put El Salvador on your short list of potential expat destinations!
Don't let the fear of being cut off from technology squash your expat dreams. Here are the technology hacks that make expats feel like they never even left.
Denise Herzing has spent 30 years learning all there is to know about dolphins. Tune in and hear her story as she discusses how dolphin families function, what it means to be part of a dolphin community, and the exceptional intelligence these marine animals display.
Tena, Ecuador has become a gateway for adventure in the Amazon. Tap into your inner Indiana Jones, with jungle and volcano tours, rafting, caving, and more.
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