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Living, investing, and real estate in the tropics. Learn about it all here.

The festivals of Ecuador are filled with pageantry and celebrations. Learning about these fiestas is a great way to discover the culture of the country.

Top Tips for Expat Banking and Finances

For expats, being able to get to their funds is the most important part of banking and finances. Here are some tips that can save money, time, and angst.
Expat life involves changes on the physical as well as other levels. Learning some basic health tips can make surviving the first six months less stressful.
For new expats, personal safety in their tropical escape can be a big issue. Fortunately, some of the safest countries in the world are in Latin America.
The never-ending spring-like climate, breathtaking scenery, and low cost of living have tourists and expats alike moving to Boquete. Learn more about the area's real estate climate as we visit with Paul from Boquete Highlands Real Estate.

The Expat Guide to Panama City

Check out our expat guide to Panama City--the perfect mix of modern amenities, old world charm, and incredible natural beauty. You'll want to move tomorrow!
Family-friends may not understand or approve of the decision to become an expat. Understanding their concerns helps make the transition easier for everyone.

How Expats Can Avoid Paying the New Person Tax

Becoming an expat can also involve unexpected or increased costs that are like a new person tax. Learning to shop and spend locally saves time and money.
Are you cut out for an Ayahuasca ceremony? Maybe? Join Josh to find out why this relatively obscure Amazon practice is gaining popularity in the modern world.

The Two Biggest Reasons to Retire in Panama

The value of a Panama retirement can be measured both in investment potential and a quality style of living. Panama truly "has it all" for expat retirees.

Theft Is Part of Life for Expats

While theft can be a problem for expats, keeping safe in paradise is a matter of common sense, being aware, and recognizing warning signs as you travel.
Explora Ya is a eco-tourism company dedicated to providing not only tours but experiences. See why you need to add a zipline or volcano summit to your bucket list.
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