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Living, investing, and real estate in the tropics. Learn about it all here.

Costa Rica Economy: Still a Great Bet for Expats

The stability of the Costa Rica economy for the last 25 years continues to provide opportunities for those looking for potential in Latin America.

Your Time to Retire to Belize Is Now!

There has never been a better time to retire to Belize. Not only does your money go farther, but natural beauty, culture, and potential make Belize special.

The Most Compelling Reasons You Need to Retire in Ecuador

With so many options available, retirees are discovering that there are lots of reasons to retire in Ecuador. Learn why Ecuador is the choice for retirees.

Can You Afford to Retire to Costa Rica? The Shocking Truth

Those considering the idea of a Costa Rica retirement will find a country where there are many options for lifestyles and where expats can fit right in.

Podcast – Mayan Insights and Cracking their Calendar Code


The Best and Worst of Moving to Belize

The idea of moving to Belize has become more popular as people learn of the advantages it offers. Whether you prefer beach, jungle, or city, Belize has it.

Ecuador’s 5 Up-and-Coming Areas for Cheap Land

Many people are discovering the potential that awaits in Ecuador's top five expat locations. These areas are poised to develop and grow in the future.

Why Pedasi, Panama Is Only for the Most Selective Buyers

Pedasi, Panama is poised to become a top tropical destination for expats and investors. Increased foreign investment has been key to Pedasi, an expat magnet.

Answers to Your 5 Most Asked Questions About Moving to Mexico

Moving to Mexico has been a favorite expat option for many years. If this is something you are considering, here are the answers to your top questions.

8 Reasons Now Is the Best Time to Be an Expat Escape Artist

If you've been on the fence about moving overseas, take a look at all these great benefits of becoming an expat escape artist today and make the jump.
Seasoned tropics builder, Scott Nichols joins the podcast to discuss his trials and tribulations of building a house in Central America.

Why You Don’t Have to Dread Getting Dental Care in Ecuador

For those without insurance, the options for dental care in Ecuador are both comparable in quality and affordable in price. Dental tourism is big business.
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