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Living, investing, and real estate in the tropics. Learn about it all here.

Family-friends may not understand or approve of the decision to become an expat. Understanding their concerns helps make the transition easier for everyone.

How Expats Can Avoid Paying the New Person Tax

Becoming an expat can also involve unexpected or increased costs that are like a new person tax. Learning to shop and spend locally saves time and money.
Are you cut out for an Ayahuasca ceremony? Maybe? Join Josh to find out why this relatively obscure Amazon practice is gaining popularity in the modern world.

The Two Biggest Reasons to Retire in Panama

The value of a Panama retirement can be measured both in investment potential and a quality style of living. Panama truly "has it all" for expat retirees.

Theft Is Part of Life for Expats

While theft can be a problem for expats, keeping safe in paradise is a matter of common sense, being aware, and recognizing warning signs as you travel.
Explora Ya is a eco-tourism company dedicated to providing not only tours but experiences. See why you need to add a zipline or volcano summit to your bucket list.

The Rising Global Debt and the Expat Advantage

The rising global debt could impact the lives of individuals more than might be imagined. Becoming an expat who owns property abroad is a good defense.

Where Is Panama? An Expat’s Guide

The increasing interest in Panama as a retirement and investment destination has many people asking: Where is Panama? It may be closer than you think.
Josh takes a look at one of the world's most influential companies, United Fruit Company, creator of the "banana republic" and purveyor of the yellow fruit which would stop at nothing to maintain control.

8 Books Every Expat Must Read to Succeed

Expert expat books to speed up your learning curve on expat destinations, living costs and finances, buying property, how to make money, and family matters.
There are many reasons to choose a Costa Rica retirement. But some of the best are those that you might not have considered. Until now.

Live Well in Panama City, Panama

If you've ever wanted to live in the Latin Tropics without giving up first world amenities, check out vibrant Panama City, Panama, a new mecca for expats.
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