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7 Effortless Ways to Find a Rental in Boquete, Panama

photo by Global Pacific

Global Pacific

The decision to move abroad and join the thousands of expats who are living in Boquete, Panama, is an exciting adventure.  But it can also be a bit daunting.

There are a million questions to answer and hurdles to surmount before you actually, finally find yourself living in your own tropical paradise. One of the biggest ones is the question of housing.

Renting is often the best option for those who might want to take their time finding a more permanent place to live.  It’s also great for those who only plan to live in Boquete for a short time, like families who spend only a year or two overseas to experience other places and cultures.

Much like buying a home, finding the perfect property to rent can be a complicated process. But here are some great options and ideas to help simplify your search.

1.  Walk the streets.

If you’re already on the ground in Boquete, one of the best ways to find a place to live is by strolling the streets in the area where you want to be.  Look for “For Rent” signs.  Check bulletin boards in grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses to see if any ads are posted.

It’s a great way to meet people and get a feel for the area.  It also allows you to immediately rule out any places that don’t look up to par.

2.  Check local websites.

Even if a home exchange doesn’t work for your particular situation, local websites are a great resource when searching for rental properties.  A few examples are,, and

Check these sites often for new listings, and follow up on all possible leads.  Don’t rule out a potential property based on the posting alone. You never know what you might be able to negotiate if you just reach out to the seller.

In addition to searching, you can also try posting your own ad indicating what type of property you’re searching for.  Post the same ad on all your social networking sites.  You could have a friend who has a friend who has a property that fits your exact specifications.

3.  Read blogs.

There are a number of local bloggers in Boquete who might have leads that can help you. Those sites are authored by folks who are right there on the ground.  They have lots of knowledge they can probably share.  You just need to ask.

A few local sites in Boquete are and  The authors of this site also have a few connections to Boquete.

photo by Kris


4.  Try the local newspapers.

Most local newspapers, both Spanish and English, have classified sections with real estate listings. That’s another good place to find out about available properties.  Most papers also have a website.

In Boquete, there’s El Visitante, La Prensa (the national newspaper), and El Informante (based in David).  It’s also a great idea to place your own ad, much like with the classified sites.

5.  Ask around.

In addition to asking friends and friends of friends, you can also reach out to Boquete locals on forums or by contacting members of expat clubs and organizations.  You might come across someone who was toying with the idea of renting their property or stumble on a great listing before it’s even offered to the general public. is a great expat community site.  Post a discussion or try reaching out to key people in the community.

6. Try a home exchange.

As times get tougher, many expats and travelers are looking to save a few bucks on costly hotels and apartment rentals by offering their home to willing residents in their destination city.  It’s pretty simple.  You open up your home to a Boquete homeowner, and they do the same.

What you get is comfortable, furnished living quarters for virtually no cost whatsoever.  It’s also a great way to see what it’s like to truly live like a local.

You can find available properties by signing up for an online home exchange club or just by posting ads on local Boquete sites like forums and classified pages.

photo by Best of the Better

Best of the Better

7.  If all else fails, contact a professional.

There are certainly ways to locate a property on your own, but if you find it difficult or if time is of the essence you can always hire a real estate agent.  They can scour all of the resources available for property listings and set up showings for you when you come to visit.  Or they can supply you with all the information you need to make a decision sight unseen.

Keep in mind that realtors are often paid a little differently overseas, so you might need to consider payment for their time and not just a commission when the property is located.

What’s on the Market Now

Just to give you an idea of what’s out there, here are a few properties that are currently listed for rent in and around Boquete.

  • A monthly rate of $500 gets you a 1 bedroom studio apartment on an organic farm in the mountains just ten minutes outside of town. The property is gated, fenced, and monitored by a full-time caretaker.

  • For $675 per month, you can rent a 1 bedroom (plus loft) casita in the beautiful Volcancito area of Boquete.  It comes fully furnished and includes utilities as well as gardening services.

  • $850 per month will put you in a recently renovated 3 bedroom, 1 bath home that’s a  minute walk from downtown and offers sweeping views of the valley. It features high-end finishes and all new electrical and plumbing systems.

  • For $1,350 per month, you can have a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home that faces Volcan Baru, Panama’s highest peak.  It’s 5 miles from town and features two fireplaces and an outdoor kitchen.

These are just a sample of what’s available, but there are plenty more just waiting for you to give them a look.  Whether you’re seeking a villa outside of town or a luxury condominium within walking distance of everything, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Boquete.

Call, click, or visit today!


Map of Boquete, Panama

Boquete Fast Facts

  • Population: About 22,435
  • Typical temperature: Average temperature is 70 degrees
  • Nearest airport with U.S. flights: U.S. bound flights leave daily from Tocumen Airport, both domestic and international flights to San Jose, Costa Rica depart from Enrique Malek International Airport in David
  • Nearest U.S. consulate: Panama City

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6 thoughts on “7 Effortless Ways to Find a Rental in Boquete, Panama

  1. 1

    best sites to find housing/ apt rentals in Boquete Panama

    • 2

      aol does not accept attachments. Have passport ordered and duck ready to go. Need a place to rent in volcantico if possible.

  2. Joel Gardner

    One large bedroom or two bedroom with one bath; long term lease; have a two year old well mannered dog; hot water through out; good kitchen; living/dining area.
    Joel, 6993-0944

    • 4

      I am interested in moving to boquete in march in 2019 altho sooner may be possible- thanks Kris

  3. 5

    I’m looking to find an inexpensive rental in Boquete for the month of February, 2016, It’s just me so I won’t need much but I do require Wi-Fi.

    • 6

      Hi Al, thanks for taking the time to comment. Here is our article on ways to find rentals in Boquete. These are 7 ways you might not have otherwise thought of, let us know if you have success.

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