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Tips for Getting the Most out of Tulum, Mexico

When Tulum, Mexico is mentioned, the first images are often of impressive Mayan ruins, stunning beaches, and the vibrant party scene of nearby Riviera Maya. However, the best of Tulum encompasses much more, which is why investors and other expats are flocking to this Yucatan destination.

Well known as a popular tourist destination, this small seaside town is rapidly become a growth center for those looking to find alternatives to the more populated, tourist-centric locations nearby. With property prices still quite affordable, finding options in this beach town (yes, Tulum  is a beach community) may be as easy as a click of a mouse.

tulum mexico


How To Discover The Best Of Tulum For Yourself

The Tulum area has steadily been gaining attention as an up and coming expat destination. Publications like USA Today have called it “the fastest growing town in Latin America”; similarly, the Wall Street Journal recently noted that the area has become “the hottest section of Mexico.”

Knowing where and how to look for those gems that are the best of Tulum involves being open to new experiences and adventures.  Below are some pointers that can make your search more successful and enjoyable.

Learn About The Geography And Climate

Located just 45 minutes south of Playa del Carmern, Tulum sits on Mexico’s Caribbean coast and is part of what has been called, “Mexico’s Rivera.” One of the oldest towns in Mexico, Tulum itself can actually be divided into three separate districts.

Tulum Pueblo

The pueblo is the actual town and is where the greater majority of supermarkets, retail stores, the bus stations, smaller hotels, hostels and inns are located.  The town reflects the more of the local atmosphere than some of the more modern and developed areas nearby. This rustic vibe may be preferable for those seeking to find a quieter, less “touristy” place to live.

Tulum Playa 

Though known primarily for its archeological treasures, Tulum is very much a beach town as well. Tulum Playa is bordered by the Sian Ka’an Biosphere (an ecological reserve) and white sand beaches to the east, as well as a wetlands and mango reserve to the south.

Not surprisingly this dynamic combination of natural beauty and pristine beaches has been a key factor in the growth of Tulum Playa as a preferred location for the development of new residential properties, higher-end resorts, and spas. Boutique properties dedicated to ecology are also a growing commodity here.

Tulum Ruinas

The Mayan ruins, some of the best preserved in Mexico, are unique due to their seaside location. In addition to the main set of ruins, there are twenty-three additional sites in the the Sian Ka’an Biosphere.  While there are fewer residential options here (for obvious reasons), the close proximity of these symbols of a bygone era and culture are a powerful drawing card for foreigners who want to live close to history.

Learn About The Climate In Tulum

Tulum is an up-and-coming area. One of the major reasons is the climate, which is ideal for those whose love of the beach is irresistible.

The warm, tropical temperatures of the Gulf of Mexico, a dry season that matches perfectly with winter in the US, and a large expat presence make this the prime area for anyone wanting to live by the sea.

Learn The Easiest Ways To Get There

One aspect that belongs in any list of the best of Tulum is how accessible the village is from the US. The number of regularly scheduled flights into the international airport in Cancun leaves adventurers with only a ninety minute drive to Tulum.

Whether you choose to do the driving yourself or use one of the many buses, shuttles and taxis, the transfer from airport to Tulum is uncomplicated. Local taxis or shared vans, known as collectives, can help visitors get to and from their lodging to the beach area, the pueblo proper, and the ruins.

Tulum mexico


The Investment Potential Is Definitely Part Of The Best Of Tulum

Unlike nearby locations such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Tulum is still largely undeveloped. As such, being able to purchase lots for investment projects becomes much more affordable and can bring a higher return on cash outlay.

The Mexican Trust has made it possible for foreigners to own property within the 30 mile coastal zone. Having beach access is another value-added feature of buying in Tulum.

There are a number of projects that are in various stages of completion that could provide rental income as well as an ultimate retirement palace. Tulum 20-12, Eden Zama, and Zama Village are examples of these developments that offer modern condo living, with state-of-the-art amenities, and the desirability of the Rivera Maya location.

There are half-acre beachfront lots located on the other side of Peninsulafor as little as $79,000. There are also plenty of other opportunities in this fast moving market that be may the perfect choice for your expat investment plans.

tulum mexico

Gianni Maestri

Become Part Of The Best Of Tulum

With all the positives that Tulum offers, there is one remaining element that should be added to the best of Tulum-YOU!!  Make plans to visit this ancient Mayan location and learn, firsthand, how moving here can be a great way to build for the future, while investing in the present.

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Getting the Most out of Tulum, Mexico

  1. Paul Chrétien

    Just a little geographic correction from a Playa del Carmen resident, Tulum is NOT on the Gulf of Mexico, it is on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan peninsula

  2. 2

    Well, I wouldn’t call Tulum “affordable,” unless you’ve got money. Mexico typically rips the Gringo off (and the Gringos rip themselves off) as soon as they get discovered. The Mayan Riviera, Los Cabos, and Nuevo Vallarta are expensive. Very expensive. Also, having lived in Mexico almost 30 years, I can tell you that the climate in the Yucatan peninsula is not “warm, tropical temperatures”. It is typically hot and very hot and also muggy tropical temperatures. You will want to run your a/c 24/7 all year, with very few exceptional days, unless you just love to sweat. In particular, the summer everywhere in tropical Mexico–inland and coastal–is brutal. That includes Los Cabos. The original inhabitants of these regions mostly lived in the highlands for good reason. The lowland Mayans were an exception, and personally I’ll bet the ones that lived in the Guatemala highlands were a lot happier and more comfortable. I like these areas for a nice beach vacation, but to live in and/or work, not for me. Just sayin’…

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