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You can buy the land and build what you want or skip the hassle and we’ll handle it for you.  Your choice.

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Lot For Sale at La Paz

One of the Finished Homes at La Paz

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make is Choosing The Wrong Community

There is a major difference between buying in an established community in Nosara vs buying land that a developer promises one day homes will be built.

Hopefully he’s right.

But more often than not, you’ll buy the land and spend years (or decades) waiting on permits, water letters, and neighboring homes to be built.

Until that happens you’re stuck with isolated land in the jungle.  Or worse, land that can’t have permits and is practically worthless.

Instead, buy land in La Paz that has everything needed to start legally building today.

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Current Construction at La Paz

Home Designs Available at La Paz

This is Where Your Story Begins

You already know that the life you’re living isn’t at the highest level.  Not that you don’t do your best.

You have been on a path that is comfortable, but it doesn’t support your body and spirit to its fullest. You desire a break from the routine and to live differently.

That is why you are here in Costa Rica.

To be Surrounded by people who want the things you want; peace, health, joy, ease is the way sustain life on a new path.

Breathe deep.

Because this is a story you can live – for far less than you think.

Choose your sanctuary now.

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When it Feels Right, The Choice to Buy is Easy

La Paz is a private community centered around the concept of living your best life. Homes on large, private lots are spacious enough for plenty of breathing room between you and your neighbors, and remote enough to get lost in your own thoughts listening to the quebradas (there’s no word for it in English, but they’re somewhere between a stream and a river).

You drink water that bubbles out of the ground. The air is rich with oxygen, purified by the jungle that breathes all around you. The ocean, with some of the best surfing on earth, is only a few minutes away. Every morsel of food is bright with flavor. Every moment passes slowly and perfectly. Your life is in balance, and you’ve never felt more at peace.

That’s La Paz – and it is selling fast. Make sure you don’t miss out.

Learn About The Community

Partial view from one of the best lots.

Grow Your Own Food

Access to high quality food is one of the top priorities of the La Paz community.

If you want to dabble in growing food or create a fully functional food forest, we can help you.

Or maybe you just want to have someone else do the gardening, no problem that works too.

Either way investing in the soil is a great way to provide sustenance and beauty for many generations to come.

Experience Matters

We have been adapting permaculture systems from the Pacific Islands that double as erosion control.

These techniques mean growing food on sloped land can be very efficient and anyone can build one of these food forests on their own lot if they desire.

But we are aiming higher than that, we want La Paz to be food independent, this means we could get 100% of all our food within 10km of La Paz.

This spurred us into making relationships with nearby farms to partner with and grow more while creating a market for them to sell their harvest.

As this system increases beyond the needs of La Paz all of Nosara will have access to locally grown food with out importing it which will benefit the entire community beyond La Paz.

Take the Leap

If you know anything, you know this: life doesn’t offer endless chances for happiness.

If what I’ve just described sounds like your perfect life, you’re going to want to move as quickly as possible.

Because the current members of the La Paz community wanted to live that story too – and they’ve already secured their refuge.

La Paz is a community for people intent on living their best lives. We planned it with care and great respect for the environment surrounding it. And we will only allow a limited number of eco-friendly homes to be built there.

As the developers, we couldn’t decide where we wanted to create our personal homes.  So we saved our favorite lots until the end.  Those are the ones that were just released.

Once the last one is gone, your chance to enter this story ends.

So make a choice right now.

How do you want to live?

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One of several finished homes in La Paz.

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