The Community

Have you ever heard that you’re the sum of the people you spend the most time with?
Your coworkers, your friends, your neighbors – whether you agree with their life choices or not, you’re being influenced by them every day.

What if every person who influenced you shared your dedication to living your best imaginable life?

That’s what La Paz is all about.

La Paz is a community designed around the concept of living one’s best life. In the same way that a retreat is designed to give you the perfect balance of mental, physical, and spiritual activity, La Paz is designed to bring that level of balance and presence to your daily life.

Every home, every view of nature, even the distance from La Paz to the main town of Nosara – we designed all of it with your health and happiness in mind.

You’re not simply buying a plot of land when you become a member of the community at La Paz. You’re making a commitment to a lifestyle that puts your health, your happiness, and your wellbeing at the center of everything.

The Community

La Paz consists of only 20 parcels, ranging from 4 acres to ½ an acre. The entire community is surrounded by quebradas (large streams or small rivers), amazing nature trails, and unspoiled wilderness. In the center of the community is the Studio, which serves as the cultural hub of the community and attracts teachers and speakers from all over the world.

Your parcel is your own, and you can take all the time in the world to build on it if you choose. Every structure must be one of our eco-friendly Jungle Lofts so that we can protect the surrounding environment, but there is lots of flexibility in our unique adaptable building system. [Learn more here]

The community at its core, however, is about the people within it. La Paz is for people who believe in health, happiness, and getting back to nature – and who are interested in creating a life in accordance with those principles.

The Studio

The studio is the hub around which the community at La Paz revolves. It’s rented out to community members and retreat hosts whose philosophies are in alignment with La Paz, and hosts everything from yoga to meditation to holistic health classes.

With La Paz in such a stunning part of the world, the Studio attracts retreat hosts from all over the world. These teachers and speakers have students who want to attend their retreats, and La Paz residents are welcome to rent out their properties to visiting students as a source of short-term rental income.

When you’re living at La Paz, the Studio hosts community functions, the farmer’s market, and endless fascinating classes to enhance your life. When you’re away from your Jungle Loft, you can rent it out to a student who wants to learn at one of the retreats.

Standing water grows stagnant, which is why we designed La Paz to ebb and flow. The Studio constantly brings in new people, new ideas, and new insights to further our ideas living in harmony with nature, finding profound happiness in one’s own life, and deepening your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

The People

La Paz is located just outside of the small town of Nosara, which has already made a name for itself as one of the happiest places on earth.

You’ll find the pace of life moves slowly in Nosara, and that the people dedicate their days to nourishing their bodies and their minds.

Nosara is growing steadily, but it’s growing in the healthiest imaginable way: the people who live there now are attracting like-minded people from all over the world.

People who are willing to take themselves out of the rat race to pursue a better way of life.

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