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Don’t Pin Your Tropical Dreams to a Postcard

If you’ve ever traveled to the Latin Tropics, or even simply looked at a few pictures or articles about some popular expat hotspots, then you already know there are some truly amazing places down here.

Destinations where you can enjoy top notch shopping and first-world amenities, just a short distance away from some awe-inspiring ancient ruins. Islands with prehistoric forests teeming with rare species of birds and plant life, and no other humans for miles.

There are laid back beach towns, complete with backpacking surfers, that beat to the rhythm of an authentic Caribbean vibe. And pristine Colonial cities tucked into quiet valleys where you would almost think you’d gone back in time a hundred years, except for the internet cafe sign hanging in the window of the historic building on the corner.

Chances are that one of those places I described spoke to you in a way that the others did not. You could almost picture yourself there, transported right into the postcard-worthy picture you’d painted in your mind. And that’s a great start to inspire you as you begin your journey.

But the truth is that finding the right place to live or invest, out of the thousands of options out there, is a huge decision. It’s important for us as real estate developers. But it’s even more important for you as a future expat or potential investor.

And such an important decision shouldn’t hinge on a single factor, like the cost of living or the size of the waves.

How We Evaluate Tropical Destinations (and You Should Too)

If you want to find a list of the cheapest places to live or the ones with the best beaches, they’re out there. But we think there’s a lot more you should consider when deciding on a place to sink your toes or your money.

That’s why, when we compiled our list that ranks the Top 57 Places to Live and Invest in the Latin Tropics, we looked at a number of factors to determine the places we feel would appeal to the greatest number of people.

Our rankings are based on extensive research, relationships with locals and other expats, our own travels in the area, as well as our investigation into the various real estate markets.

More than just some short descriptions and a bunch of postcard-worthy photos, although it has plenty of those too, this book will answer a lot of the important questions you have as you’re considering places to call your potential home.

Things like accessibility.

How much of a headache will it be to travel back and forth to visit family? Infrastructure. Does this place have reliable enough electricity and internet for me to work from home? Affordability. Will my budget allow me to live the lifestyle I want there?

Then there’s investment potential.

Where is this area headed, and is now a good time to buy into the market?

And don’t forget–and this is a big one–quality of life.

Is this a place that offers everything I need to enjoy living life on my terms?

We took all of those things, and more, into consideration when putting together our list. We even assigned values to a couple of those factors, namely affordability, quality of life, and investment potential (or what we like to call our Real Estate Prediction Meter).

Here’s a Sneak Peek at Our Top Destinations

Without giving away too much about the top destinations on our list, here are a few hints to whet your appetite.

The number three city on our list is a place that was virtually unheard of fifteen or twenty years ago. Since then it’s exploded as one of the hottest expat destinations in Latin America, thanks to its year-round spring-like climate and breathtaking scenery.

Number two is another popular destination that’s jam packed with first-world conveniences, thanks to an ever-increasing expat population. Yet, despite its ample amenities, it’s an incredibly cheap place to live, scoring a 10 out of 10 on our affordability scale.

Our top destination is a bustling beach town that’s growing in a good way, thanks to the carefully executed master plan of its original developer. It has great surfing and great schools, making it the ideal destination for active young families.

Have an idea of what some of these top cities might be? Download the book to see if you’re right.

And don’t just take our word for it. Our list ranks these destinations according to the places we think would appeal to the greatest number of people. No doubt, if you could explore each of them yourself, you’d likely put them in a completely different order.

We hope you’ll get the opportunity to explore a few of these top cities yourself. Who knows? Maybe you’ll agree with us that these are the ideal places to live and invest. If so, then come on down. We’d love to have you in the tropics.

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