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Welcome to the Viva Tropical Podcast

In the show, we explore everything you need to know about the tropics.

Tips and hacks for real estate and expat life. Interviews of expats who have made the leap abroad. Best selling authors and journalists who have covered some aspect that makes tropics great. You name it, it’s here.

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On the Ground Real Estate Reports
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Entertaining Stories from the Tropics

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The never-ending spring-like climate, breathtaking scenery, and low cost of living have tourists and expats alike moving to Boquete. Learn more about the area's real estate climate as we visit with Paul from Boquete Highlands Real Estate.
Are you cut out for an Ayahuasca ceremony? Maybe? Join Josh to find out why this relatively obscure Amazon practice is gaining popularity in the modern world.
Josh takes a look at one of the world's most influential companies, United Fruit Company, creator of the "banana republic" and purveyor of the yellow fruit which would stop at nothing to maintain control.
Author James Nestor talks about free diving championships in Greece, going 2500 feet under water in a D.I.Y. submarine, and speaking with the whales.
Mark Healey goes in-depth about his love for water, surfing, spearfishing, and more.
Join Josh with his 6th installment of the Central America real estate show. This episode Casey Stamps joins the discussion on investing in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.
Seasoned tropics builder, Scott Nichols joins the podcast to discuss his trials and tribulations of building a house in Central America.
Author Hilary Klein joins us for an in-depth discussion of the Zapatista movement and how it inspired a worldwide grass-roots movement.
Think all the beaches are washed up in Ecuador? Take heart, Park and I explored this nation's coastline from top to bottom and we found several near-perfect beach spots to call home.
Get the lowdown on all things Belize real estate from John Acott, long-time Belizean broker and Belize resident.
Maybe the greatest job in the world, Park and Josh reminisce about some of their most memorable days while exploring the far reaches of Central America in their search for the best real estate can offer.
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