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When it comes to filing your U.S. income tax forms as an expat, you can run but you can't hide. Here's what you need to know to avoid hefty fines.
Moving overseas brings with it a new set of challenges to fitting in. Fortunately, modern smartphone applications are making this transition easier.
Expat children have many opportunities for growth. Immersing in new cultures and languages provide a perspective that will benefit them far into the future.
For those seeking to work abroad, learning about the requirements of your chosen location, and how you fit are essential to making the dream come true.
New York Times best selling author Patrick Vlaskovits joins Josh for a Spunky Conversation. Their discussion touches on subjects from what you should really be thinking before you start a business to a broken board leash and a harrowing at-sea rescue
In this episode Phil and Josh discuss why he left the NFL and what led him to consider the Latin Tropics for living.
You've taken that first step and opened an offshore bank account. Now you need to know your tax implications and reporting requirements. Or pay the penalty.
Offshore banking isn't just for the super rich. But how does the average Joe decide where to put his money? Here are the world's top banking jurisdictions.
Offshore bank accounts aren't just for the mob or the uber wealthy. More and more everyday citizens are seeing the practical value to diversifying overseas.
Offshore bank accounts aren't just for evading taxes and conducting illegal business. Find out why even you could benefit from owning one.
Disappointed in your IRAs past performance? Find out how you can invest in real estate to improve your returns and better your retirement prospects.
The Teak Forestry Visa is a green way to get your Panama Residency. Read this article to find out how to get your Visa with a Teak reforestation investment.
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