El Sagrado

Nosara Costa Rica

Your Home Perched 1,000 Above the Pacific

You’ve decided Nosara is your perfect escape in Costa Rica.  A great ocean view is non-negotiable. A small community is better than isolation.

Especially since you won’t be here every day of the year to look after the place.

That’s hard to find. Especially at a reasonable price.

The El Sagrado community sits atop the mountains of Nosara and it was designed just for you.

A small community that will contain no more than 14 homes. It’s gated and secure.

12 minutes to the main Nosara beaches sets Sagrado just far enough away from the dust and hubub and just close enough for easy access.

And those ocean views? You’ll have to see it to believe it since no camera can capture a view of over 50 miles of coastline.

Watch the sun set every day from your home.

Rest Easy While You’re Away

Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s stressful to own a home in Costa Rica if you won’t be here full time.

Crime is real and home theft is all too common. Especially while you’re away. And we’re sure you’ve noticed that things grow fast in Costa Rica.  Like, really fast.  And that means home maintenance.

After living in Central America for more than 20 years, we know how it feels to wonder if your place is being protected and maintained while you’re away.

We designed El Sagrado with great security and community maintenance in mind. You can turn the key when you leave and rest easy knowing that your home is being cared for.  More about that below.

Instant $200,000 Upside – Three  2 Lots Only

The Sagrado homes are on the high end of construction quality/finishes for Nosara.

Make a survey of the market and you’ll be hard pressed to find an ocean view, 3 bed home for under $650,000.

Let alone this magnitude of ocean view and this caliber of homeLearn about the Jungle Homes here.

To get started, we’re offering our best 3 lots for $150,000 each.  Edificio Builders will build the home for $250,000.  We have several 3 bedroom floor plans available, each for the same price (See below).

Rendering of the rear side of the home.

So an investment of $150k in the land and $300k in the home is a total investment of $450k for a home.  Comparables are in the $650k range.

There aren’t any 3 bed-great-ocean-view homes remotely close to that value in Nosara. And a  Jungle Loft with this design style, high quality imported materials, and an A+ ocean view for $450k? Forget about it…

In order to offer such a good deal, we are developing Sagrado 3 homes at a time.  We won’t start building the first one until the other two are ready to start simultaneously.

This gives you the benefit of your not having construction at your home right when you move in.

The early birds should be rewarded and that’s what this offer is about.

And developers should put their money where their mouth is.  In this case, that means that we will be building one of those 3 homes with our own money.  So there are Three 2 homes available for this deal.

Rendering of the frontside of the home.  Mercedes not included. 🙂

Floor Plans

We have several available for the Sagrado home.  Pick the one you like and Edificio Builders will build it for $250k.

Check out this one that you can build in Sagrado for $250k.  The price will be higher than the page you’ll see in the link, because we’re discounting it for these first 3 (two) Sagrado slots available.

Show me the Sagrado Home

Own Your Sagrado Home In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1:

Pick Your Home & Lot

We’re splitting hairs between the lots because they are all great and next to each other.  Pick the one that looks right for you.  Then choose your floor plan.

Step 2:

Reserve It

Reserve your lot for up to 30 days for a fully refundable $1,000.  If you decide to move forward, we’ll nail down the purchase & construction agreements.  They are straight forward and painless.

Step 3:

Hassle Free Closing

30 days after we sign a purchase & construction agreement, complete the land purchase.  Move in to the home 10 months later.

Click to Reserve Your Lot

Small Footprint.  Big Value.

Sagrado is a community within a community.  It’s part of the La Paz community and has access to all of the community benefits.

The lots offer a small footprint with plenty of room for a home with a big experience.

Most importantly, the homes are in close proximity to the others which makes maintenance and security much easier.  This is the opposite of an isolated home where security and maintenance are 100% your responsibility.

Sketch that shows how the homes will sit atop El Sagrado.

Watch the morning dew burn off the mountains from your terrace as you enjoy your Costa Rican Coffee.

El Sagrado Community Benefits

We have designed Sagrado to make your life easy.  That starts with peace of mind.  When you leave your home in Costa Rica, you want to be able to lock the door and not worry about it.  This is true whether your leaving for 60 minutes or for 6 months.

That starts with security.  Sagrado will have a gated entry, a guard shared with La Paz, and its geography are perfect for creating a secure environment.  Bordered by an inaccessible nature preserve behind, and a cliff on the front, neighbors on the sides, Sagrado is only accessible to its owners.

Next is maintenance.  The community will employ gardeners to ensure it’s always maintained and beautiful.

Other conveniences like trash collection, and home maintenance are all available for community members.

All of this adds up to you spending time on what matters most.  Enjoying the Pura Vida lifestyle both while you are in Costa Rica and while you are away.

Video Overview of El Sagrado

El Sagrado Entry

How to Build an Awesome Community Entrance!

We thought it would be fun to capture the process of how we’re creating the entry at El Sagrado.  Watch these vids to learn how the entrance to the community was designed to create both privacy and beauty, using natural elements available in Costa Rica.

How to change an entry from this:

To this:

Planning the Entry

How do you create security in Costa Rica without sacrificing natural beauty?  This is how we do it.


Some Privacy Examples

Let’s see how some others are creating privacy.  Can you guess what is behind these plants?  The answer will surprise you.


Costa Rica Plant Nursery Visit

Ever wonder what plants you can find in Costa Rica?  In this vid, we’ll visit a nursery and find out.


Let’s Build It!

In this vid, we’ll bring in the raw materials needed for the entrance and get planting.


Final Result & What’s Left

Let’s see how the entrance turned out and discuss what’s left to build. Still to be added:

  • Guard House
  • Entry Gate


Coming soon!

Learn More about the Jungle Homes

Our Jungle Lofts at make it possible to create an eco-friendly home quickly and cost-effectively, with all modern amenities.

Every home is customizable and designed to take full advantage of the beauty of your surroundings, along with solar power, fresh water, and high speed internet.

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