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Costa Rica Articles, Research, & Resource Guides

If you’re here to learn about Costa Rica, you’ve found the right place! We’ve written dozens of articles and guides about investing and living in Costa Rica.

Whether you’re interested in learning about the different cities in Costa Rica, residency or investment laws, we’ve got you covered. There isn’t much about Costa Rica that you won’t find here.

Recent Costa Rica Articles

Costa Rica Real Estate

If you’re looking for property in Costa Rica to buy or rent, head over to our Costa Rica Real Estate page.

Deciding to become an expat can be expensive. The four most expensive cities in the tropics all have price tags that mirror both their potential and value.
Playa Hermosa Costa Rica has the reputation of being one of the most desirable locations for expats seeking a comfortable and convenient beach lifestyle.
Having young children should never be a reason not to consider moving overseas. Especially in places like these.
Limón, Costa Rica offers dynamic potential for expats and investors. As the Caribbean coast becomes more accessible, Limon's future holds limitless promise.
Planning on retiring in Costa Rica? One of the biggest hurdles you'll encounter is finding a place to live. We've made that process a whole lot easier.
These facts range from mildly impressive to downright shocking. Don't visit without knowing #14, and don't let #10 scare you!
Buying property in Costa Rica is easier than you think. Here's a synopsis of the property laws that govern the process.
It's finally here! The Costa Rica Real Estate Report. In this must-listen episode, we give you insider information on hard real estate data, stats, and opinions. This is one you do not want to miss!
These 3 cities are the places we think the majority of people would be incredibly happy living in the Latin Tropics. Hint: #1 has incredible surfing.
There are a lot of things you should know about Dominical, Costa Rica, and we've covered it all here.
We searched the Latin Tropics for the best places to live and invest. See 5 of our top picks and get the link to our free ebook listing 52 more!
Escazu Costa Rica is not only one of the most desirable locations in Central America but also is primed to bring value-added benefits for investing options.
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