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7 Signs You Should Invest in Nosara

With the right blend of amenities, a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle, natural beauty, and a great atmosphere, deciding to invest in Nosara can be one of the best decisions an expat or investor can make. This unique village in the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica is the perfect destination for nature lovers, yoga and fitness buffs, surfers and, most importantly, families seeking to find a place to thrive in a vibrant culture far different than the frenetic pace of life in the U.S.

invest in nosara

Pat Cranson

With the start of the “American Project” in 1971, Nosara has become the gold standard for responsible planning and community development throughout Latin America. Combining balanced residential growth while maintaining the natural beauty of the surrounding tropical environment is a key factor in Nosara’s desirability as a place to invest and live.  The types of properties available reflect the best qualities of this village and the surrounding area.

invest in nosara

Viva Tropical

The 7 Signs Why Now Is the Time to Invest in Nosara

As Nosara continues to grow in popularity, the number of expats considering this location in the Nicoya Peninsula is also increasing. Below are seven signs as to why choosing to invest in Nosara now has such great potential for a positive return on investment.

A Wide Selection of Properties To Choose From

Nosara has a variety of properties that can be used as investment vehicles. Below are some samples:

  • Condominiums in Diamonds Point. These two-bedroom, two-bath units, being offered for $129,000, are ideal for a vacation getaway or providing rental income over the long term. Located in Guiones, a short drive from the center of Nosara, these units come with a large living area, patios, and fully-equipped kitchens. The development also has onsite laundry service, a common swimming pool, and security.
  • Playa Guiones Building Lot. The opportunity to design and build your own tropical escape can certainly be realized by owning a ready-to-build lot within walking distance of the beach, shops, and restaurants. For investment purposes, buying now and holding onto the land as the total inventory dwindles is a great way to maximize the return on the purchase price of $149,000.
  • Beach Front Nosara Condos. Located at Villas Las Palmas, there are units available on both the upper and main floors. Located a mere 100 yards from Playa Pelada, the closeness to the beach enhances the desirability of these two-bedroom, two-bath residences as an investment property with great rental value, as well as a perfect second or vacation home. Equipped with en-suite bathrooms, new modern appliances, and high quality fixtures and furnishings, these attractive garden units can become the tropical hideaway of your dreams and all for $189,900.
  • High End Ocean View Home. Also located in Playa Guiones, this property is located in one of the more prestigious sections of the development. Though secluded and private, the huge yard and outdoor space are perfect for viewing those tropical sunsets. With high-end features usually found only in multi-million dollar villas, this $890,000 two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath home can command a high rental price and can be your retirement palace later on.

With properties that can suit every taste, from lots to villas, perusing the available selections demonstrates why Nosara is definitely a place to invest and live in.

invest in nosara

Pat Cranson

The Quality of Life Is Better Than Other Areas

Nosara has remained focused on responsible planning that can permit growth while maintaining the natural beauty of the land. The 170-acre permanent Green Zone, that is part of the “American Project” is a testament to the community’s desire to balance the interest of people with the interests of the environment. The Nosara Civic Association, which oversees the area, was established to ensure that the unsullied beauty that makes Nosara so attractive can remain without the threat of over-development.

One of the benefits of this approach is that Nosara has the cleanest water table in Costa Rica as well as the cleanest ocean water. Thanks to aggressive zoning, the beach is not obscured by high-rise structures and remains a pristine place where nature can be experienced as part of daily life as well as adding to the value of property in the area.

A More Vibrant, Healthy Approach to Living

With the all of the emphasis on a sustainable lifestyle, it is no surprise that it is easier to live “healthy” in Nosara than in many other tropical locations.  Organic grocery stores, raw food cafes, and green initiatives such as recycling, beach clean ups, and tree plantings, add an important intrinsic value to daily life.

Alternative medicine practitioners, yoga retreats, and meditation centers provide holistic options to dealing with health issues. For more traditional medical treatments, Nosara has English speaking doctors, dentists, and a pharmacy. Regardless of which treatment approach is preferred, finding it in Nosara is an easy proposition.

invest in nosara

Bryan Thatcher

A Great Place for Families

Unlike so many beach towns in the region, Nosara does not have the frenetic party atmosphere that is the hallmark of many ocean-side destinations. The availability of modern amenities, the presence of two bilingual schools and a neighborhood-type vibe are just some of the reasons why there are an increasing number of families relocating there and calling Nosara home.

Lots of Outdoor Activities Right at Your Doorstep

Another important reason why now is a great time to invest in Nosara is the wide variety of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed literally steps away from your residence. Nosara is known as one of the best surf locations in Costa Rica; the number of surf camps and schools make it an ideal destination for the novice or the hard core wave rider.

Tennis, stand-up paddle-boarding, and hiking through the nearby wildlife reserves are other options to become one with the natural beauty of the area. Even a quiet walk on the beach at sunset is a reminder of how valuable the serenity and peacefulness of this beach village truly is.

invest in nosara

Chris Goldberg

Nosara Is There for the Long Term

Nosara has an established expat community that has resulted in a large number of English speakers – both expat and local. From an investment standpoint, being able to offer a scenario where daily transactions can be handled without learning Spanish or finding a translator can be a strong value-added element.

Perhaps no sign as to why you should invest in Nosara is more important than its permanence. Unlike many tropical destinations that are heavily dependent on the tourist trade to survive, Nosara is an established community whose plan for growth is well controlled in order to meet the needs of residents both now and in the future.

Ultimately, the best way to experience all that Nosara offers, whether for a potential expat relocation or future investment, is to visit this unique community in the Nicoya Peninsula first hand. There is no substitute for actually being there, and now is certainly a good time to explore those Nosara possibilities for yourself.

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    Want to know more about Nasara, which you just talked about. Also, where is Diamonds Point, and what is there?? Thank you, Sue

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