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Size Matters

I have a great idea. You could by property thousands of miles away from your home country that’s so small your neighbor can watch your television.

Even better, you could do that in a remote, tropical location.

Why? Well, for one, you could save a few thousand dollars.

Crazy, don’t you think?

Yet, in Panama (particularly around Puerto Armuelles), I see so many properties listed on the market that are 15 meters wide. That’s only 50 feet! And some are even less.

Here’s an experiment that helped me because I really had no idea what 15 meters represented.

I had a hard time picturing it.

Go somewhere where you have a little room and take 15 steps that are slightly bigger than your normal steps. That’s the width of a 15 meter lot. In that 15 meters, is your house…..and your yard…and your fence.

For most folks, that makes no sense whatsoever.

Yet, I’ve met several folks recently who came to see properties and the tiny-ocean-frontage trick brought them to see property that ended up being a huge time waster.

Of course they didn’t buy, but that didn’t stop the property seller from trying.

Playa Burica Property

So when we were working with the architects to draw the master plan at Playa Burica we weren’t interested in the part of the market who was willing to watch their neighbor’s TV from their own couch.

The philosophy at Playa burica is that “You want your neighbors to be close, but not too close”. I don’t want to see what’s going on in their house. I want my own little piece of paradise. But it’s also nice to have neighbors that are close enough to help if I need it.

We designed the lots to be wide enough to build your home, have some yard on each side, then plant tropical plants and trees as a natural buffer between you and your neighbors

Punta Burica Panama Home

Home on Lot 14, Playa Burica.

Even our smallest lot (Lot 29 which is only 1/4 acre) has 29 meters of ocean frontage (that’s 95 feet). And our ocean side lots are either 3/4 of an acre to a whole acre. That’s enough space for your home, yard AND your tropical garden.

So when scouting property in Panama and getting ready for a trip, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

That $35,000 quarter acre lot with 50 feet of ocean frontage will provide a pretty dang different lifestyle than a $50,000 half acre lot with 100+ feet of ocean frontage.

Spend some time looking at the details. How wide is it? What’s the actual size?