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Did I Already Miss Out On The Best Lots?

It’s funny, but we’ve actually been asked this quite a few times.

The short answer is yes, these lots are as good as the others. In fact, some are better.

So why didn’t they sell as fast as the others?

When we bought this property it was quite overgrown. We had to do lots of work to plan, clear (where needed), stake off, add drainage, and all of the other things needed to prepare the lots for sale.

Some of them were more of a challenge, particularly in the clearing department.

So we went for the lowest hanging fruit. If a lot was easier to get ready for photos, video, & surveys, we did that one first.

This caused us to skip over a few of the lots in the various phases.

Now that we’ve gone back and prepared those lots for sale, those are the ones that are on the market today.

So you can bank on the fact that these lots are just as good (if not better) than all of the other lots at Playa Burica.

In fact, this will be 100% obvious when you make your trip down.