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The Honest Truth about Island Living in Boca Chica, Panama

Boca Chica, Panama is the tropical island that can truly be said to be the stuff of dreams. The special combination of a secluded setting that is still less than an hour a away from the major city of David promises to be a key factor in the rapid expansion of an expat population seeking new adventures and opportunities for reinvention.

Island living is not wihtout its challenges but the rewards of having a unique lifestyle that has been the stuff of dreams far outweighs any adjustments that may be required.

While not as well known as other Pacific locations in Latin America, Boca Chica may be the best bargain of all.  The growing number of available properties-from lots ready to be developed to high end condos-bear witness to the desirability of this ocean side community.

boca chica panama

Panama Travel

Island Living In Boca Chica-A Reality Check

Island living has a lot of pluses to commend it as a lifestyle change. There are also some challenges that  prospective “Robinson Crusoes” should keep in mind as part of the decision process.

Seclusion Can Be Both A Plus And A Minus

One of the most compelling features about Boca Chica is its remoteness from the rush of larger metropolitan areas such as Panama City. This can be both a positive and a negative feature.

While having a quieter, more laid back atmosphere is a benefit for many expats, the inability to easily purchase items such as computers, electronics (phones, tablets, etc), and vehicles can take some adjustment. You have to decide whether having ready access to these stores is more important than the tranquility of a secluded beach village.

Fortunately, the city of David is just a short diatance away and has plenty of shopping options that can meet most daily needs. For some speciality items, however, a trip to Panama City may be required.

The Infrastructure Is Undergoing Growing Pains

With a single road leading into Boca Chica from the Pan American Highway, it should come as no surprise that the infrastructure of the area is still in a development stage. Again, this may prove to be problematic for expats who want all the comforts of home when they first arrive.

Even in paradise, growing pains are a necessary evil when a location, like Boca Chica, is developing as rapidly as it is. The long term outlook, however is that of increased value and accessibility that make investing now a great option.

Happily, the continual increase in expats and investors is also having a positive effect on upgrading the infrastructure in Boca Chica to be able to handle the needs of an increasing population.

Increased Access And Investment Potential

With the opening of the new international airport in David, getting to and from Boca Chica becomes much easier than one might have expected even five years ago. Another plus is that, unlike other popular island destinations – for example, Roatan (which requires a 90 minute ferry ride to the mainland) – getting to nearby locations is simply a matter of a quick boat ride to the mainland to connect to other places.

This also is reflected in investment potential. Boca Chica is still largely undeveloped and not as well known as other islands in Latin America.  With prices still extremely low, getting in at the start of the anticipated investment growth will cost less and, arguably, could result in much higher returns on investment.

boca chica panama

Viva Tropical

The Real Estate Market In Boca Chica Continues To Grow

The recent attention given to the archipelago of the Gulf of Chiriqui in general, and Boca Chica in particular, has led to greater number of options for relocation and/or investment. Some of the examples of properties available in Boca Chica are listed below. The price points are still reasonable but can be expected to increase as demand increases for these beachfront locations.

Entire 11 Acre Island in Panama

If owning your own island and molding it into your own particular concept appeals to you, the island of Isla Iglesia Mayor is the answer to your search. Located just a short fifteen minute boat ride off the coast of Boca Chica mainland, this largely undeveloped island parcel is in its natural state with a wide variety of flora and fauna present.

Reminiscent of deserted tropical islands of literary farm, the potential for private or personal development is limited only by the imagination of the new owner. Priced at $1,500,000, the possibility for a strong return on the initial investment expenditure is quite good. Panama’s favorable tax structure and aggressive approach to attracting foreign dollars are further incentives to consider buying at this time.

2 Bed with Pool, Dock, Solar, Everything

This modern eco-friendly house sits on a ½ acre, ocean front lot, on Boca Chica Island. The solar powered electrical system is not only convenient but also budget friendly. Using solar power is also good for the environment and helps create a special kind of connection with the natural surroundings of the 400 acre private island where the lot is located.

This 2 bedroom 1 bath home also comes with a private dock, swimming pool and outdoor shower.  With 100 feet of ocean frontage, it is difficult to imagine many homes with these benefits being offered for only $199,000.

boca chica panama

Viva Tropical

The Total Package: Beachfront, Elegance, Amenities, Nature, and Adventure 

For potential buyers looking for a high-end turn-key property with Spanish Colonial flair, oceanfront views, and top-shelf finishes throughout the house, this 4600 sq. foot home checks all the boxes. Situated on a 30,000 square foot lot, this 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom well appointed home also has a separate maid’s quarters with a separate bathroom.

Quality cabinetry, custom window treatments, a spacious upper balcony, and premium kitchen appliances (just to name a few of features) speak volumes about the quality of workmanship that when into the construction of this dwelling.

Located in Rincon Beach Estates, which is part of one of the premier gated communities in Panama, the Boca Chica Plantation and Club, residents have access to many special amenities such as an equestrian center, boat ramp and storage and even a helipad. The $799,000 asking price almost seems small when measured against all the extras that this stunning property has going for it.

The growth curve for Boca Chica is only expected to increase in the next few years. This is good time look at the properties currently on the market to find your place in the tropical sun.

Island Living Can Be A Life Changing Experience

For those who seek the adventure of moving abroad and finding paradise on a tropical island, Boca Chica is closer than you think. Deciding to become part of island life is a profound experience not to be undertaken lightly. A great way to find out if this choice is for you to go there, put your feet in the sand, and discover your connection to this tropical haven.



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