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With all the recent publicity, a number of myths about life in Boquete have clouded the truth about living there. Here are some of those myths exposed.
The never-ending spring-like climate, breathtaking scenery, and low cost of living have tourists and expats alike moving to Boquete. Learn more about the area's real estate climate as we visit with Paul from Boquete Highlands Real Estate.
Explora Ya is a eco-tourism company dedicated to providing not only tours but experiences. See why you need to add a zipline or volcano summit to your bucket list.
Real Estate listings in Boquete Panama including homes, land, islands, & farms. Free Boquete Panama resource guide.
Considering Boquete, Panama as your potential expat paradise? Renting a home in one of Latin America's hottest destinations may be easier than you think.
Boquete, Panama real estate was once one of the best buys in Central America. Find out if there's still money to be made for investors.
Video tour of Boquete, in the green mountain highlands of Panama, in western-most Chiriquí Province.
We interviewed Expat Lee Zelter who runs the blog "Boquete Guide" - a bible for those considering the move to Boquete. Read this expat's Lifestyle tips.
Boquete Panama is a smart choice for expats. Retirement lifestyle or low cost of living are amongst 5 reasons why moving to Boquete makes sense.
Boquete Panama - The never ending spring like climate, breathtaking scenery, and low cost of living have tourists and expats alike flocking to this mountain paradise.
There are a number of locations that qualify as the healthiest places in the Latin Tropics. Fresh food, lifestyle, and climate are just some of the reasons.
Real Estate listings in Via Espana Panama including homes, land, islands, & farms. Free Via Espana Panama resource guide.
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