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Top 55 Nicaragua Websites for Expats and Investors

Did you know there are dozens and dozens of great resources on Nicaragua for expats and investors? We gave you an extensive list on Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador so let’s do that again with Nicaragua!

Sure we have a ton of resources for Nicaragua here on our site, and a whole bunch of Nicaragua property for sale, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other really good ones out there!

Check out our list of the top Nicaragua websites!



Blogs About the Nicaragua Lifestyle

Most of these Nicaragua blogs are written by expats. From them, you’ll get a great perspective about life in Nicaragua. You’ll notice you get a bit of a different viewpoint from each blogger, which is great. Use them to find out if Nicaragua is the right fit for you!

  • Nicaragua – Guide – Created for people living in Nicaragua, those thinking about moving to or visiting Nicaragua, or just folks wanting more info.
  • Living in León – Informative blog about Leon and the northwestern areas of Nicaragua.
  • Right Side Guide – Information about life on the eastern coast of Nicaragua, including the Corn Islands.
  • NicaConexiones – Find all you need to know about working, playing, and living in Nicaragua. Be sure to check out the Town Cryer section for up to date Nica news.
  • Crazy Parents in Nicaragua – A couple who took early retirement to live in León, Nicaragua.
  • InNicaNow – A semi-retired Canadian couple who is living and loving life in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.
  • Expat Life in Nicaragua – This blog follows two former Bostonians who relocated to San Juan del Sur.
nicaragua news


Nicaragua Real Estate Websites

Yeah, real estate is our main focus at Viva Tropical. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t tons of other great Nicaragua real estate companies. Below are some of our top picks.

Hotel Punta Teonoste

Hotel Punta Teonoste

Nicaragua Boutique Hotel Sites

You might be surprised to find hotel websites on the list. But the fact is that lots of them are run by expats.

  • La Perla Hotel – Great boutique hotel to stay in when visiting León, Las Peñitas, or Poneloyas Beach.
  • El Porton Verde: Take a chance on this eco-friendly bed and breakfast located in Managua.
  • Hotel Patio del Malinche – A grand place to stay while in Granada.
  • Hotel La Bocona – Located in the heart of Granada close to all things going on downtown.
  • Casa San Francisco – Run by two sisters from the San Francisco Bay area dedicated to developing and improving the local quality of life.
  • Jicaro Island Ecolodge Granada – These people have done something pretty difficult – created an utterly luxurious, totally eco-conscious boutique resort.
  • Selva Negra – For outdoorsy types looking for an authentic ecolodge experience.
  • Hotel Victoriano – Built by an English immigrant in 1902, this hotel has charming Victorian architecture and style.
  • Hotel El Convento – Founded on the site of (and in the same style as) a former 17th century convent, it is known as one of the best hotels in León.
  • Montebrisa Boutique Hotel – A beautifully renovated Art Deco mansion located in Matagalpa.
  • Xalli Ometepe Beach Hotel – Here you have instant access to all the things that make Ometepe amazing.
Brian  Johnson

Brian Johnson

Nicaragua News Sites

You’ve got to know what is happening in Nicaragua.  Here are some of the top sites. These are English-only.

Ken Mayer

Ken Mayer

Nicaragua Tourism Sites

Looking for reputable tourism companies? Here’s lots of good info for would-be expats and investors.

  • El Perezoso Agencia de Turismo Responsable – With offices in Leon, El Perezoso features ecotourism and sustainable travel options.
  • Apanas Tours Jinotega – Features destinations in the northern area of Nicaragua with a local flair.
  • Aventura Tours – Offers tours to some of Nicaragua’s prime ecological and cultural areas.
  • Eco-Camp Expeditions – Motorcycling and outdoor activities are the focus, along with volcano tours.
  • Explorer Tours – Guided tours of Nicaragua. Site also provides a wealth of information on all aspects of Nicaragua.
  • Hey Nicaragua Tour – Multiple bilingual tour operators, featuring cultural and historical tours.
  • Loro Tours – With a focus on language tours in León and partnering with local business and services to provide a more authentic experience.
  • Matagalpa Tours Nicaragua – A specialized tour company focused on creating sustainable travel experiences – connecting nature, adventure, and social-cultural activities.
  • NicarAgua Dulce – This tour operator offers sustainable and responsible tourism promoting local development and conservation of the ecosystems in Nicaragua.
  • QuetzalTrekkers – This unique tour company is a nonprofit which raises funds by offering hiking and camping trips in Nicaragua.
  • Tierra Tour – Ecotourism with a focus on the Masaya Volcano. They also feature complete tour packages to almost all points in Nicaragua.
  • Tours Nicaragua – Featured by National Geographic and The New York Times, this is Nicaragua’s original English speaking tour company.
Pete Schnell

Pete Schnell

Nicaragua General Info Sites

Go to these top picks first to find great information on Nicaragua.

  • Visit Nicaragua – The official tourism page for Nicaragua. This one is in Spanish, but just click the American flag to get it in English.
  • Vianica – Explore Nicaragua online, then plan your trip with this all encompassing website.
  • The Real Nicaragua – Expat forum focusing on living and traveling in Nicaragua.
  • San Juan del Sur Guide – Top source for all things San  Juan del Sur.
  • Nica-Community – A discussion board on life, investing, and more in Nicaragua.

Did we miss your site?

If you have a great site about Nicaragua and think it should be on this list, give us a shout, and we’ll review it for you!

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2 thoughts on “Top 55 Nicaragua Websites for Expats and Investors

  1. 1

    Would like to try and live outside the u.s.a the $$ and the slower pace.

  2. 2

    New Hotel in Granada, Nicaragua.
    Parking space, salt water pool, wifi.

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