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Top 9 Places to Telecommute from in the Latin Tropics.

By in All Countries, Lifestyle on April 25, 2013

Do you want to explore the world and telecommute? Can you work from your laptop? If so, here are 9 awesome places where you should be doing it.

1. Matapalo, Osa, Costa Rica

Watch Scarlett Macaws fly by as you talk to your friends back home in their cubicle.

matapalo osa costa rica

Photo Credit: Photography critiques

2. Lake Yojoa, Honduras

Sip some of the world’s best coffee while updating your cloud files.

retire in lake yojoa honduras

Photo Credit: aaronernestoortizlopez

3. Barra de la Cruz, Mexico

Check your emails between swells.

Telecommute from Honduras

Photo Credit: Acer Acera

4. Boca Chica Island, Panama

Kick your feet up in a glass house, watch the monkeys hop from tree to tree while on your next conference call.

Boca Chica Island Panama

Photo Credit: Emerging Terrains

5. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Watch the sun set, while your friends are stuck in traffic.

Photo Credit: Sean9141

Photo Credit: Sean9141

6. Playa Las Flores, El Salvador

Turn casual Friday attire into beach attire: flip-flops are mandatory.

Photo Credit: AdventruaCuscatleca

Photo Credit: AdventuraCuscatleca

7. Caye Caulker, Belize

Trade in your windowless cubicle for the word’s best vista.

Photo Credit: Mukster

Photo Credit: Mukster

8. Playa Canoa, Ecuador

Dine on freshly caught fish at your next business dinner at Canoa Ecuador.

Telecommute in Ecuador

Photo Credit: Read George

9. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Click send, then hit the water for some kayaking.

Photo Credit: Mike Sten

Photo Credit: Mike Sten

Got any better places to telecommute? Let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Top 9 Places to Telecommute from in the Latin Tropics.

  1. 1

    I’m shocked you have Belize listed as one of the top places to telecommute from. Belize has some of the worst internet speeds in the world, coupled with the highest prices. And, until just recently, didn’t even allow Skype (who knows if the government owned internet company will change its mind on that one). I’ve lived in Belize for almost three years, and while there’s a lot of wonderful things about it, the internet most definitely is not one of them.

    Sharon Hiebing

  2. 2

    In April of this year, BTL opened up all skype/voip/vpn blocks they had on the network resulting in hugely increased speeds. This in addition to a couple speed doubling and price reduction efforts have left Belize in a much better spot than a year ago. You might find the experience much better these days.

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Free 44 Page Report: Where to Live Abroad - Your First Steps
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