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7 Things Roatan Expats Want You to Know

Roatan, Honduras has been a popular destination for quite some time for expats seeking to find that special place in the sun. With an ever-increasing number of cruise lines making this tropical island a port of call, as well as an increasing growth in the number of resorts, investing in this Caribbean gem promises a modern day version of “buried treasure” for those willing to make the journey.

roatan honduras

Mark Willobough

The real estate market in Roatan remains quite reasonable, even with demand for residential space increasing. The 2008 worldwide collapse impacted prices, which have been slow to recover.

7 Facts That Expats Want to Share About Roatan

There are many factors that go into picking one tropical location to live or invest in over another.  Here are seven facts that expats have discovered which make Roatan a worthy option place to consider.

Getting There Is Easy

One of the most attractive features about Roatan is its accessibility. In addition to the large number of international cruise lines that make regular stops at Coxen Hole and Mahogany Bay part of their cruise itineraries, there are many regularly scheduled international flights from the U.S.

Living There Is Easier

Roatan is a destination that is made for expat living. The word “hurry” has no use; life is run on island time. In a real sense, Roatan is a prime example of an ancient observation: We do without doing and it all gets done.

Residency Is Easier Still

Obtaining a retiree residency on Roatan is very straightforward. All that’s required is showing that you receive income of at least $1,500 per month from a source outside of Honduras (such as a pension or Social Security) in order to qualify.

Size Does Matter – in All the Right Ways

Foreigners can actually own up to ¾ of an acre of land in their own name in Roatan. For larger parcels (such as those being purchased with an eye to development), setting up a Honduran corporation to hold the title, with the foreigner as administrator (and having all rights of Honduran citizenship), is a simple matter.

Wild or Mild – the Choice Is Yours

Roatan offers both the lively atmosphere of a tourist-driven community and a quiet Caribbean retreat. The West End Village, close to the Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport, is the prime spot for nightlife, good restaurants, and a large number of resort properties.  The eastern part of the island, known as Helene, is a nature lover’s dream and a perfect spot for those seeking to commune with nature in a more serene environment.

Separate but Connected

Although Roatan is an island, it is still connected to the outside world. Modern amenities such as high-speed internet, cable, and cellular services make keeping in touch with friends and family an easy task. With a number of ambitious public works projects, residents on Roatan can expect that the infrastructure will only continue to improve.

roatan honduras


A Real Potential for Finding Your Own Pot of Real Estate Gold

There is a wide variety of properties on Roatan that will appeal to the expat looking for a secluded tropical oasis, the retiree eager to start a new adventure, and even the innovator looking for investment potential. Below are some great examples of hidden gems that are waiting for you discover them.

One+ Acre Lot with Ocean Views If you’ve ever dreamed of building your own island escape, this 1.08 acre oceanfront property may be just what you are looking for. With water and electricity already on site, the location is ready for you to make your dreams into a reality. At $275,000, the potential of this lot is boundless; with enough space for a residence and garden, becoming a modern day “Robinson Crusoe” might be easier than you think.

Charming Lodge with Income Potential If the idea of owning and running your own lodge in a tropical paradise is the kind of challenge you are looking for, the Mariposa Lodge is a business opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. With seven individual suites, divided between three separate buildings and 20 acres of well-maintained grounds, the potential of a strong return on your investment of $450,000 is quite high.

An additional feature is the fact that financing is available, an option that is rare in the tropics. For twenty percent down, an intrepid entrepreneur can take five additional years to pay off the balance.

Luxury 3BD/4BA Condo in Lawson Rock   For those seeking a modern condo lifestyle, with high-end furnishings surrounded by Roatan’s beauty, this $755,000, 3-bedroom, 4-bath jewel has everything that a discriminating buyer could want. Located in the exclusive Lawson Rock community, this unit has all the amenities one would expect to find in a quality residence.

The addition of a rooftop pool adds a dash of luxury that only enhances the tropical vibe of this island mecca.  The large outdoor space makes this a perfect place for gatherings, celebrations, or just enjoying the laid-back living of Roatan.

Topridge Estates Lot in Sandy Bay It isn’t necessary to be rich to be able to afford your island dream. This lot at Top Ridge Estates, close to the West End, has electrical, water, and road access and comes in at a surprising price of $69,000.

With market prices still low, finding the ideal island getaway has never been easier. From lots waiting to be developed to luxury turnkey homes, the large inventory has something for everyone.

One Last Thing You Need to Know About Roatan

Perhaps the most important thing that you need to know if you are considering Roatan as an expat destination is that the best way to discover its potential is to visit it firsthand. Plan a trip and allow yourself to be seduced by the warmth of the Caribbean breezes, the relaxed pace of living, and the sense that this is a special place that could be your next port of call.

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