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6 Places Expats Call Home in El Salvador

Things are looking good for El Salvador. While it doesn’t make the list as potential places to live for most expats, this small country is on the rise. With a sound economy, reasonable tax rates, and some of the best surf breaks in Central America, it’s worth checking out.

Here are our top 6 locations to get you started.

1. Colonia San Benito District Three, San Salvador

San Benito is your choice for colonial inspired living inside the capital, San Salvador.

Photo Credit: Marlan Flores

Photo Credit: Marlan Flores

2. Playa El Tunco, Pacific Coast

A beach front home and your surfboard await in El Tunco.


Photo Credit: R. Rea

3. Santa Ana, Central Region

Santa Ana is city life without the congestion.

Photo Credit: Mike Butler

Photo Credit: Mike Butler

4. Suchitoto, Central Region

Suchitoto is a sleepy colonial town, perfect for lazy afternoons in your hammock.

Photo Credit: Adalberto.H.Vega

Photo Credit: Adalberto.H.Vega

5. Juayua, Mountain Region

With its cool mountain climate and small town town life, Juayua is a good choice.

Photo Credit: Garrett Ziegler

Photo Credit: Garrett Ziegler

6. Playa el Cocal, Pacific Coast

Want a surfer’s life? Then there is no other place to live but at Playa el Cocal, where you have daily access to el Salvador’s famous surf break, Punta Roca.

Photo Credit: Pedruca

Photo Credit: Pedruca

Have a favorite spot in El Salvador? Let us know in the comments section below.

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11 thoughts on “6 Places Expats Call Home in El Salvador

  1. 1

    There’s really nowhere to live at Punta Roca…it’s the name of the surf break, not the beach. Most people would opt to live in San Blas or Playa El Tunco, although some expats live in La Libertad, the port town that encompasses Punta Roca.

    • 2

      Sorry about the typing in last post, Nicole where are nice areas where you can be near surfing but more relaxing beach situations, thanks

  2. 3

    dear Nicole( or others, I am thinking about retiring in a couple years, I have been most everwhere in Central America & am going to El salvador in a couple weeks. All I here about is surfing, while great for my son, is there beaches where you can go swimming, boating , rinking beer etc. Is San blas one of these spots? Thanks

    • 4

      Brian, there are many great things to do in El Salvador besides surfing. My wife and I retired and build our home here in November 2011. There is a lot to see and do, many beautiful sites and great beaches and yes plenty of nice places to drink cold beer. San Salvador has some very good museums, her is very up to datesoppig in San Salvador as will as in some of the other cities. The Tazumal Ruins in Chalchuapa is a very interesting place to visit. There are things to do and places to visit here in El Salvador.
      Please visit my blog site if you have time, , I write articles on El Salvador.
      I hope that this helps a little and I really hope you enjoy your visit and find El Salvador as beautiful as we do.

  3. 5

    Hola, me gustaria tener mas informacion de la ciudad de suchitoto . El tiempo y la distancia de la capital,estoy pensando en retirarme el proximo ano , y quisiera tener la oportunidad de vivir en un lugar no muy caliente.

    gracias de ante mano

    • 6

      Gracias Elsa para su pregunta! Suchitoto tiene un clima tropical. En invierno hay en Suchitoto mucho menos lluvia que en verano. La clasificación del clima de Köppen-Geiger es Aw. La temperatura media anual en Suchitoto se encuentra a 23.9 °C. Es una pequeña ciudad de origen precolombino y que es de las pocas que aun conserva su patrimonio estructural colonial casi intacto, se le considera capital cultural de El Salvador ya que en ella se desarrollan muchos festivales teatrales y culturales a lo largo del año.

  4. 7

    Me gustaria saber si vivir en El Salvador es seguro para dos pensionados (mi esposo y yo)
    Vivimos en el sur de California, hemos vivido aqui por 45 años, Mi esposo y yo nacimos en El Salvador pero nos gustaria regresar a vivir alla ahora que ya estamos retirados pero estamos inseguros por la situacion de los secuestros, pandillas, extorciones. Por favor podria dar nos un consejo. Gracias. Gladys

  5. 8


    Great article. Would you say its currently safe to live in ES? What are the safety conditions like for citizens outside of San Salvador?


    • 9

      my family live there and have come to visit me here in the USA several times. i can’t wait to move back before i get too old to enjoy it.

  6. 10

    i want to say that choosing a place to retire abroad must be chosen with your elderly needs in advance. example, a place where it doesn’t snow. i slipped on ice and broke my arm in 2 spots, I’m 44 yrs old. El Salvador is beautiful and no snow, but you can longboard down volcano roads.

  7. 11

    If you want a rocky beach in a party town, then El Tunco is fine however there are many nice spots along the coast with way better beaches for swimming.

    I have lived in Playa San Diego for nearly 5 yrs now and love it! A 10 minute drive to La Libertad (23 cents on the bus), 1/2 hr to Compalapa airport, an hour to central San Salvador (60 cents by bus).

    Use common sense and there’s no safety concerns.

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